Where has she been?

Almost 18 months without a post?  Man, I really have been slacking (haha)!  I’m just going to cut to the chase say that I actually did get quite busy with life, kind of forgot about the blog, wanted to post some things but missed my own personal deadlines, and now here we are.  I didn’t feel quite right posting something almost a year and a half later without an explanation- not that anyone needs it and the only person reading this is mostly likely my sister (shout out).

Just to add one more thing to my lack of posting:  I got married, moved half-way across the country, started a new job and a part-time Master’s program, all within a six-month period.  During my job searching time, I started this blog and thus, I thought I could keep it up once I got a job and started school.  However, that was clearly highly unlikely for me and I was putting too much on my plate.

Now that I’ve gotten more better at my time management skills, I plan to post more often.  My goal is to post at least once a week or a couple of times a month.  I have so many plans and ideas for this blog.  This is such a different creative outlook for me since I’m not much of a creative person nor writer.  However, I love movies, cooking, traveling, etc. and I’m hoping to bring that to this blog; such as more movie reviews, cooking recipes (vegan and vegetarian friendly!), travel tips and reviews of places, etc.  There is so much I want to do with this blog that I just need to take the time out to do it.

So, no more excuses or saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”- I mean, that’s what lead me to not posting for so long.

That’s all the explanation that I have for now.  No excuses, no beating around the bush but rather just being straight forward with my sister readers.  🙂

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