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Hello Lovelies!  I thought I would update my readers and followers on the new updates to my blog.  For those who have been reading this blog from the beginning, you’ll notice some fun new changes.  Such as, you have probably noticed that there are posts on this blog from a couple of years ago and new blog posts that don’t quite fall within the same genre. I decided to change the directions of my blog about a month ago.  My original goal was to write movie reviews, but I realized I passionate about other areas, so I shifted and will write about travel and would eventually like to branch into food/cooking as well as lifestyle.

This blog is slowly but surely growing, thanks to the start of my Instagram account that is accompanying this blog.  I have been trying to build this blog for the past 18 months but, life always gets in the way and I always was “too busy” to write a post (which is not a great excuse).  As you grow older, time flies by and you will always be busy, no matter what.  Thus, I didn’t want to let the opportunity of building a blog to pass by.  I rebooted this blog a couple of months ago, with an “update” post.  That post got me excited to post more often.  I had a few ideas (such as branching into make-up and other topics), but I still didn’t have the motivation to post.


This began the start of my Instagram account for my blog.  One morning, I woke up and decided that enough was enough and that it was time to build a business Instagram account for my blog.  Posting regular content on my Instagram keeps me motivated to post on my blog.  I even came up with a schedule for posting on my Instagram as well as my blog to go along with it.  I’ve also connected with many amazing local bloggers through my Instagram account.  With that being said, I finally am getting the hang of this blogging thing (hello title reference).  I’m not entirely sure where else this blog is going; besides the topics I would like to focus on however, I’m excited for what’s to come.

Thanks to all old and new readers/followers for joining me on the journey.  Here’s to Take #3 of building this blog!

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Note:  Not a sponsored post however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  All photos are taken on an iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 8.

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