Indianapolis Travel Guide

When most people think about the Midwest, they think of Chicago, Detroit or Milwaukee.  However, Indianapolis is actually considered the second largest city in the Midwest- right after Green Bay, Wisconsin (who would have thought?).  I have quite a few friends in Indianapolis, IN and thought I would finally pay them a visit.  I went to visit them back in October 2016 and this post is dedicated to that visit.  Also, if you’ve read some of my previous posts, this blog has been created quite a while ago and I’m finally catching up on posting up topics that have been pending for some time – hence the reason for the post for this visit going up now. 🙂


Downtown Indianapolis (also known as Indy to locals), has quite an array of hotels to stay in.  Hotels from low budgets to high budgets, Indianapolis can accommodate to any budget friendly traveler as well as business trip.  As for me, since I have a lot of friends in Indy, I was able to stay with one of my close friends.  Her home was very comforting, and her family was very welcoming and hospitable to my visit.  It also does help that whenever the two of us are together, we have a great time so staying with her was easily enjoyable.


Indy has a good choice of high end and mid-end restaurants.  Since I was staying with friends who were locals, I got to experience more of the restaurant’s that locals enjoyed.  My favorites are listed below:

  • Petite Chao
    • It’s a hidden whole in the wall restaurant
    • Their brunch is definitely worth a check!
  • BurgerHaus
    • Located in the middle of the Indianapolis Canal Walk thus, great pit stop in between the Canal Walk
    • Accommodates all types of dietary restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian, etc.
    • Their burgers are amazing so definitely worth a check!
  • Bakersfield
    • Great Happy Hour location/chill bar night
    • Have the most amazing Margaritas
  • YardHouse
    • While this might be a chain, it’s in the heart of Downtown Indy so amazing tourist location
    • Food was phenomenal so no complaints!
  • Chuy’s
    • This is also a chain, but they have some amazing Mexican food.
  • Cake Bake
    • Cute little bakery with amazing cakes (some have glitter on them!)



Indianapolis has good night life- especially in downtown Indy.  There are two main parts of Indy that most people tend to cater towards; One is Mass Ave and the other is Broad Ave.  I was lucky enough to have great hosts that took me to both parts of the main Indy nightlife locations.  Below are the couple of places I had gone and loved!

  • Mass Ave: Mass Ave is basically an area full of a few bars and good restaurants.  If you would like more of a relaxed night or you prefer more bars then clubs then this is your spot to be in.
  • Broad Ave: Broad Ave is more of the partying part of time.  If you like more of a club scene then this is your place.
    • Tap & Dolls: Amazing club with a couple of floors.  Dancing and drinking available at each floor.



Since my visit to Indy was to visit friends, I didn’t do much of touring.  However, I was lucky enough to do a couple of things thus, see my recommendations below.

  • Indianapolis Canal Walk: If the weather is good then I definitely suggest taking a stroll down the Canal!
  • Indianapolis Bike Share: On the Canal, you can also participate in the Bike Share program and ride the bike alongside the Canal.  Great experience and active way to explore the city!


Overall Experience

Indianapolis will always have a special place in my heart since I’ve met lifelong friends there.  Not only have I been friends with these people for the past 10 years, but they have also become a part of the family.  The city itself has grown quite a lot and my amazing friends are great tour guides (if I must say so myself).  I always have a good time when I visit, and I definitely did have a good time when I visited in the fall of 2016.  If you’re ever able to visit Indianapolis, do check out some of the places I have recommended because you won’t ever be disappointed!