Get to Know Me!: Travel Edition

Hey beauties and gents! Today I’m bringing up a little different post. Since, I’m not sure which Travel Guide or Travel Post to blog about next, I thought- Why not do a sort of “Travel Get to Know Me”? I know this blog is growing into more than travel but since the past couple of posts have been regarding travel, why not have you guys learn a little about my travel style? So without further ado, read my travel get to know me below!:

1. Your most treasured passport stamp?
The U.S. Virgin Islands because it was one of the first places that I have visited where I didn’t have family.  It felt odd not visiting a place where there was family however since this was me & my husband’s honeymoon, that was the exception.


2. Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?
Just got a new passport last year since my old one expired so no.

3. Preferred method of travel: Plane, train, or automobile?
I prefer to travel via plane.  However, I will state the following: if traveling within the domestic U.S., I do prefer car.  The U.S. has such beautiful landscape when going through state-to-state so it’s quite an enjoyable road trip.  Similarly, when going for international travel, I do enjoy traveling via plane (obviously).

4. Top three travel items?
– Neck Pillow
I have a really nice memory foam one- always comes in handy!
– Mini Emergency Kit
You can get these at Walmart, TJ Maxx or even Amazon. Super helpful- fits every little thing needed in a pinch.
– Wallet (with all cash, cards, ID’s, etc.)
Thus, in case my baggage is every lost then I have a way to get it by.

5. Hostel or hotel?
Definitely a hotel, I get more privacy and feel more secure. I always try to go for hotels that offer free breakfast so this way, I save money on a meal. 🙂

6. Are you a repeat visitor, or do you prefer to explore new places?
Definitely a little bit of both. I’ve been to England and Nashville both at least three times and discover something different every time I go. However, I’ve only visited Little Rock, AR, Los Angeles and the U.S. Virgin Islands once and have cherished my visits there as well.

7. Do you read up on your destination, or do you wing it?
It’s a mix of both. I like to read up on my destination for places to visit and sights to see. However, when it comes to food, then I just wing it. Sometimes, I’ll google a famous restaurant, or something recommended by the Food Network. It just depends on how much time I have to plan the trip.

8. Favorite travel website?
Kayak is my favorite for flights. Regarding hotel bookings, I like to use as well the Google hotels search– both work great!

9. Where would you recommend a friend to visit, and why?
I have a couple of cities to recommend so I’m going to list them all below:
Nashville, TN
It’s such a fun Southern City. It has really boomed within the past decade. Every time I go, I have a blast
Los Angeles, CA
Because there is nothing close that can come to that LA vibe. Los Angeles has beaches, a hiking trail, Hollywood, shopping, amusement parks- just so much! The different type of things to do there will definitely keep you entertained throughout your trip.
London, England (United Kingdom)
Everyone should try to visit the land of Hogwarts at least once! All jokes aside, London has amazing culture that can only be described once you’ve been there.
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)
The only Caribbean Island that I have visited thus far however, I had a blast being there. The people there are so friendly and it’s safe to go off your resort and venture on your own since the economy is based on 80% tourism. The locals don’t want to anger or cause crime near any tourists since it’s their main source of income.



10. You’re leaving tomorrow, and money is no option; where are you going?
Oh my God, where to start? Well, I wouldn’t just pick a country or city like a normal person. Since money isn’t an option, I would pack my bags and pick the first international flight that’s leaving as soon as I get to the airport. It’s always been on my bucket list to just blindly go somewhere.
However, if I were to choose a country it would be the Maldives (in the city of Male) or French Polynesia (Bora Bora in particular).