New Approach to This Blog

Hey love beauties and gents!

Taking another break from my travel posts and this week, only because I think I’ll be changing the direction of my blog.  While I love traveling and exploring new places, I don’t do it enough to sustain a travel blog.  Thus, I might move into more of a “lifestyle” approach and share experiences such as outfit ideas, time management, outfit ideas, traveling with a full-time job, etc.  I still have to find my niche however, this is a good start for me and I’m hoping I find a niche within the “lifestyle” theme of blogging.  While this is a short and sweet post, it was mainly to tell you guys, my readers, what to expect with the future of this blog.

Without further ado, enjoy a few pictures of some lifestyle topics I might consider:



Also, the travel posts won’t stop as I love traveling.  I might end up doing one post a month on my travels and the other posts on some lifestyle topics.  Stay tuned for some fun posts coming up!


Thanks for sticking around you guys!,


P.S.- This blogging journey has JUST begun!  Super excited to be back into blogging while exploring my genre/niche.  Really appreciate you guys for continuing to join me on this journey. 🙂