The Bubble Run 5K Review

Hello my KMD lovelies!

Each and every new year, we all make resolutions that we want to complete that year.  Jan 1st of this year, one of my resolutions was to join a 5K run.  It didn’t matter to me if it was a fun run or a more serious run.  Thus, I google a bunch of 5K runs that occurred around town (Memphis, TN) and joined, the Bubble Run alongside my hubbie and a couple of friends.

We were told to arrive at the running track about 60-90 minutes in advance.  Thus, my husband and I arrived at the running track about 60 minutes in advance and met up with a couple of our friends there.  All of us had already pre-registered online so all we had to do was wait in line for the run to start.  While we were waiting, there was a DJ on site that was playing all the latest hits.  Since we had about 45 minutes to kill at this point, we took pictures and danced to the amazing music.




The race began right at 8 am sharp and went in waves.  The first wave of people were the VIP ticket holders and our group went in the second wave (the first wave for all normal ticker holders).  As soon as the race began, you walk through a pile of bubbles (at the start line).  Each kilometer, there was a bubble stop and each bubble stop had a different color as well as the finish line.  Once you reach the finish line, there is a dance floor with bubbles floating out, alongside a DJ playing the most recent hits.

I ran/jogged the whole run and left my husband and friends behind me because they wanted to walk the whole wrong.  Keep in mind, I had not trained for this run at all thus, I was unsure of how long it would have taken me.  I do walk about 1 mile a day so I was hoping that I could push through the rest of the race without a fail.

Just a tip, always train for a run and don’t be like me.

While, I was able to complete the run without my muscles hurting like crazy, I am a pretty active person thus, my muscles are used to me pushing them.  However, I would not recommend anyone doing any amount of a run without practice and training.

Bubble Run Finish Line
Bubble Run 5K Finish Line

With that being said, I was able to complete the race in about 45 minutes (with jogging/walking).  As soon as I got to the finish line, I stretched out my legs and waited for the husband/friends.

All in all, I enjoyed this fun run a lot and am hoping to continue to do at least one fun run a year (hopefully).  This run is great for families as you’re allowed to bring kids and kids love bubbles (as well as adults like me)!

Bubble Run 5K Memphis
I’m at the finish line!