How I dress comfortable yet fashionable for travel

Hello my KMD lovelies!

Today, I’m going to combine two of my favorite passions into one post:  Traveling and fashion.  Now, I love to dress up and look presentable on a day-to-day basis and I will also dress up for an occasion or event.  However, traveling was that one occasion where I couldn’t figure out how to dress nice and presentable as well as comfortable.  Whilst, I can always put on PJ’s because they’re comfortable but let’s be real- us girls also want to look cute as well, right?


So, for the longest time, I was wearing jeans with a casual top but overtime, that became a really uncomfortable travel outfit.  Jeans are hard to travel in especially if they fit just right but right after you drink some water, they feel tight (don’t tell me you haven’t had that problem).  Luckily, not too long ago (or has it been that long?), leggings made back into fashion from the 80’s but with a modern vibe.  Slowly yet surely, a lot of girls kept the trend going by wearing leggings to the gym or traveling (like I do).

Also, I’m really trying to learn how to use that iPhone camera to the fullest to bear with me!  With that being said, my favorite type of comfortable yet cute travel outfit is the following:

  • My go-to leggings
  • A comfortable tunic/long sweater (depending on weather
  • Comfortable pair of shoes
    • Slip-on flat sandals for spring/summer
    • Flats or slip-on flat boots for fall/winter
  • A comfortable long sweater (that can fit in my huge purse), no matter what the weather is like
  • Air conditioning on the plane or in a car makes me feel really cold so I like to be prepared


Hopefully my little tips have helped you lovely travel bugs!  Let me know if you used any of these tips, in the comments below. Catch you guys in the next blog post!

– Komal Means Delicate