10 Tips & Tricks on Packing for the Holidays!

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Hello my KMD lovelies!

The holidays are amongst us and that means holiday travel is also in great force!  Everyone is either getting prepped to go visit their families and/or awaiting their families to visit them.  As some of you may or may not know, I’m currently located in Tennessee but I’m originally from NY.  The hubbie and I like to rotate holidays each other i.e. Thanksgiving in Tennessee then Christmas in NY that year but switched for the next year.  This year, it was time to visit my family in New York for Christmas.

Holiday travel usually stresses a lot of people out however, I think I’ve got a routine down pact.

Depending on the time of the year, we either drive or fly to New York.  This time, we decided to fly since the flights were reasonably priced.  With that being said, when flying, we have a limited amount of luggage allowed.  A lot people ask me how I manage to take gifts and pack for both my hubbie and I when flying since we have a cap on luggage.  So, listed below are some tips and tricks on how my hubbie & I pack for two when traveling during the holidays.

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  1. Check TSA guidelines
    1. Before starting any packing, it would be ideal to check TSA guidelines and/or guidelines on the airline you’re flying for restricted items, weight limits, etc.
  2. Make a packing list
    1. You can do this the night before you start to pack or like me, the week/weekend before.
    2. I like to start my list the week/weekend before because I’ll keep on adding items to the list, as I start to remember throughout the week.
      1. This avoids forgetting an item and/or leaving something behindHoliday Packing 04
  3. Check your baggage allowance
    1. Most American domestic airlines will allow one carry-on and one personal item, per person
    2. Tip: Certain airlines will have deals with credit cards that allow you to bring a free checked bag for no additional charge
      1. For example, American Express has a credit card with Delta Airlines. Thus, if you book a Delta flight with that card, you’re allotted a free checked bag.
    3. Having an extra bag or two during the holidays is great for bringing all those gifts to and back from your home to your families.Holiday Packing 05
  4. Keep one checked bag empty
    1. I usually put all the gifts I’m bringing for my family in one checked bag.
      1. This way, when this empties, I can put the gifts that the hubbie and I get in this suitcase.
  5. Share one checked bag
    1. My husband and I pack all our clothes in one checked bag. Half of it would be his clothes and half of it would be my clothes.
      Holiday Packing 12
      All my back-up clothing in my carry-on.
      Holiday Packing 10
      All my back-up clothing, make-up, essentials, etc, in my carry-on.
  6. Use your carry on’s and personal items as “back-up” luggage
    1. I’ve been blessed with not having to deal with lost luggage, but I have had luggage issues.
    2. Thus, I always like to pack an extra outfit or two, some pajamas, undergarments, all my essentials, etc, into my carry-on.
      1. Just in case something happens to my checked bag. Better safe than sorry.
  7. Pack neutral accessories
    1. For all my fashion lovers, I know it’s hard to not pack every single pair of boots, booties, purse and jewelry you own but trust me, you’ll thank me.
    2. I pack lots of colorful sweaters and/or pants for holiday travel
      1. Sweaters take up so much room as it is so you have limited shoe space
      2. So, I came up with this method of packing: always pack colorful outfits and neutral accessories.
    3. I only packed three pairs of boots with me: an over-the-knee black pair, a pair of brown heeled booties and my Uggs (which I ended up wearing to the airport because they took up the most room in my luggage)
  8. Always wear your heaviest/bulkiest items to the airport
    1. Now this tip is nothing new for the average traveler but, I’ve always gotten questions on how I’m able to “pack” my jacket or big boots so I thought this tip was necessary
    2. For my lovely newbie/constantly learning travelers, wear your big items to the airport
      1. My typical outfit for holiday travel is: bulky sweater, jeans, ugg boots and my jacket either on me or I’m holding it
    3. Also another tip here: Put your gloves and hat in the pockets of that jacket so you don’t have to take up space in your personal item or carry-on
      Holiday Packing 06
      Rolling our clothes for more space.

      All liquids and make-up in bags.
  9. Pack your items in bags
    1. I have a make-up bag, toiletries bag, electronic wires bag (for chargers, etc), etc
    2. It makes it easier to locate things and you won’t have any accidents of items spilling on your clothes
  10. Pack your clothes wisely
    1. Rolling your clothes is key! This not only saves space but it also doesn’t leave creases in your clothing
    2. Use the dead space.
      1. For example, I’ll pack my socks inside my shoes.


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  1. Thank you so much for these tips girl! It has been such a long time since I have traveled and I would not have thought of a lot of these things you mentioned! I don’t think I have traveled since all the crazy luggage changes they have made! These will definitely be helpful to me when I do decide to travel and I hope that is very soon!

  2. Thank you for sharing your tips babe. I’m a mess when packing. I can definitely apply some of them when packing now. 😘😘😘

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