One Dress, 3 ways: Valentines’ Edition!

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It has been quite a while since I posted on here and I have been missing writing so much!  I’ve been quite preoccupied since the semester started in Grad School so blogging was put on a hold until I could figure out my schedule.  Although, I have been pretty active on Instagram so check me out over there for updates and whereabouts of my life.

On to the main topic here:  how to style one dress in three different ways!  With Valentine’s day soon approaching, I wanted to do a post about outfits for Valentine’s/Galentine’s.

What better way to dress up for this holiday then using a classic red dress?

I love a classic silhouette such as a fit-and-flare, which also works for most body types.  I like to choose a thicker material as well since it’s usually pretty cold around Valentine’s time.  With a very classic base, we can now add to this to create a couple of different looks.

Look #1

If you’re in a colder climate during this time of the year, then this look is made for you.  I like wearing my rain jacket during colder months and layering it as it also opts as a shield for rain/snow (pro tip) plus it keeps me warm as well.  My rain jacket for the past couple of years has been this muted olive jacket which is great color to pair on top of the dress as a neutral.  The jacket is long enough that it covers most of the dress and only a little bit of red peeps from the bottom.  I also added a black sweater, red scarf and classic black pointy shoes to complete the look.  If it’s really cold where you are located, then I would also add a pair of sweater tights as well as boots to the look – got to stay warm!


Jacket:  Nordstorm  | Scarf:  Amazon  | Sweater:  Macy’s | Dress: Macy’s | Shoes:  Aldo

Colder climate option:  Sweater tights:  Macy’s | Booties:  DSW

Look #2

My favorite type of outfit in the winter is to pair a sweater on top of a dress.  This not only keeps me warm but still add a feminine touch to my outfit.  This type of outfit combination also allows me to keep my options opened for colder climates outfits other than only wearing just pants/jeans.  This outfit is great for locations that experience a slight cold but still not cold enough for a jacket (such as Florida, etc).

I picked a sweater that had a little sequin detail to add a little sparkle to a rather plain outfit.  I also paired this outfit with my classic pointy flats – they go with everything!  If you want to dress it up a bit more, add some heels!

Colder climate option:  Those sweater tights and boots/booties are such an essential piece to add to any dress worn during the winter months.


Sweater:  Macy’s | Dress: Macy’s | Shoes:  Aldo

Colder climate option:  Sweater tights:  Macy’s | Booties:  DSW

Look #3

Last but not least, my favorite look of them all: the dress as it itself!  Well Hello!! (see what I did there 😉 )  Red is such a bold color that wearing it on its own will make heads turn!  Since this is such a classic silhouette, the less you add in accessories the better.  I paired it with my classic pointed black flats (I can’t help but use them for everything).  You can also add a pair of classic black heels and/or booties to the look.  Also, a simple necklace can be added to the look as well.

Colder climate option:  Add sweater tights with pointed heel boots


Dress: Macy’s | Shoes:  Aldo | Necklace (not pictured):  Amazon

Colder climate option:  Sweater tights:  Macy’s | Booties:  DSW

And there you have it!  Let me know which look is your favorite.  Would you try any of these style tips in your life?  I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo creditsBekah the Hedge Photo.  Follow her on InstagramFacebook or E-mail her at

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  1. Thanks for all the tips! My favorite combo that I like to do is a sweater over a dress. Dresses are not my thing so putting a sweater or jacket over it keeps me in my comfort zone. I love the red dress you chose and think it’s perfect for Valentine’s day!

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