5 Tips for Channeling those Final Winter Blues

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Now that all the fun holidays are officially over, we’ve come to an odd part of the season.  It’s still so cold and dark outside but we don’t have the joy of these holidays to keep us uplifted and happy.  We’re also at the final stretch of winter right as spring approaches around the corner but it seems so far away.  For most, they get sad and depressed during this time of the year.  Now, I’m no doctor but I came up with some quick and fun tips to help you get over the final Winter Blues.

Winter Blues 05
Trying to manage how to dress in this transitional weather from Winter to Spring
  1. Binge watch that TV show you’ve been waiting to do
    • Grab a friend and binge watch a TV show that’s been on both of your lists!
      • One of my friends and I do a “Girls Night” Dinner and watch a show we both like together. It works best for those cozy nights in!
  2. Exercise
    • Whether you work-out at home or at the gym, it helps get over the mid-winter blues!
      • Exercising releases a chemical called dopamine, which is linked to the feeling of happiness. So in short, working out does make you happy!
  3. Get some Sunny D’s
    • No not that orange juice but some Vitamin D like the sun.
        • One thing most people don’t realize is that they’re missing out on sunlight.
        • When you’re up from the crack of dawn and leave your work (or school) during sunset, you miss out on sunlight.

      Winter Blues 02
      Tip: Dressing in bright clothes also helps get over the winter blues.
  4. Get some positive energy
    • Surround yourself with positive people
      • Positivity is contagious so if you’re around positive and happy people then you will also catch that same feeling
    • Meditate or do some yoga
      • Yoga or any other form of mediation helps clear your mind and not focus on what’s weighing on your mind such as the mid-winter blues

        Winter Blues 03
        Just enjoying a night out on the town (with my blogger babes).
  5. Get social
    • I don’t mean social media but make plans with new or old friends
      • Keeping yourself around other people (who are also positive, see #4) will keep you busy.
      • Also, if you live alone then signs of loneliness combined with the mid-winter blues is not a good combination. So, making plans with people will keep you entertained.
Winter Blues 01
Trying to stay figure out how to dress for this transitional weather.
Winter Blues 04
Going out and about around town.

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Winter Blues 06

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