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Hello my KMD lovelies!

This week I’m going to recap my experience at the Loft Fall Collection Blogger Preview Party that I attended last November.  I know, I know- this post is way overdue (as are most of my event recaps- whoops).  I’m slowly catching up to these Blogger event posts and might just roll out a few in a row.  What do you guys think?  Let me know if you are interested in these recap posts in the comments below.  And finally, let’s get on to the topic of discussion!

One of the local Loft’s in town was hosting a Blogger shopping party and had reached out to me.  I was interested in attending as the only other Blogger shopping party that I had attended were the two Kendra Scott Blogger Preview Parties (check out the recaps: first one attended, second one attended).  Loft was also offering a special Blogger discount code to our purchase which made me more motivated to attend the event.

When I arrived, I saw a couple of familiar faces and was glad that I had attended the event.  I also noticed a pretty nice snack table setup.  There was sparkling water by Izze and deserts from Small Cakes Collierville, a local bakery- which were so delish!

KMD_Loft Party 06JPG

I started to chit-chat with some of the other Memphis bloggers as I was shopping.  Some of the girls were looking for specific items while others, like me, were just browsing around.  It was nice seeing the other local blogger gals as it had been a while for me since I saw them.

KMD_Loft Party 02
Kristin of Kristin Magdelane & Tabitha of Tabitha Faith
KMD_Loft Party 04
Jamie of Style by Jamie Lea & Stephanie of hippiechicksandpixiesticks
KMD_Loft Party 05
Kristin of Kristin Magdalene & Stephanie of hippiechicksandpixiesticks (again)

Moving on, to what you have all been waiting for- the breakdown of my outfit!  I remember the day of the event being a rather chilly day (for me, at least).  So, I decided to wear a comfortable pair of jeans with some cute booties, a bright bold sweater and paired it with my go-to Kate Spade cross body bag.

I love the combination of a bold sweater, jeans and booties for fall and winter.

KMD_Loft Party 03
Just being silly and eating a cupcake.

Sweater:  Similar | Jeans:  Kohl’s | Booties:  Similar | Purse:  Kate Spade

Overall, the event was quite enjoyable.  I got a couple of items on my list as well as a couple of items that I didn’t need to buy (always my problem).  I appreciated my local Loft in reaching out to me and hope they do some more of these events in the future.

Loft FA18 01.jpg

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