Blogger Xchange Workshop: Content Planning & Time Management

Hello my KMD Lovelies!

Last week was not fun, nor is this week as I’m currently recovering from a cold.  Don’t we all just love that up and down weather that goes from 30 degrees to 70 degrees overnight?  If only it wouldn’t make me sick and not feel so productive.  Which is why I’m bringing you another blogger event post!  I haven’t had the energy to go out and shoot some new content for you guys due to being sick so I thought I could catch up on some of my blogger event posts.  Without further ado, let’s get to it!

I’ve been to a couple of Blogger Xchange as of now but this one was my second one at that time.  I’ve done a recap of my first Blogger Xchange event a couple of months ago and I loved that event!  As mentioned in that post, Blogger Xchange is a blogger networking group run by Leigh of Love, Leigh Love and Kay of I am Kay Elle.  They host classes, socials and “xperiences” for bloggers within Nashville, Memphis and Minneapolis.  They also allow bloggers to do guest posts on their blog and recently, I did one too!  Don’t forget to check out my guest blog post for them.

Since I enjoyed their past event so much, I was looking forward to the next event to be hosted by them.  Luckily for me, they were planning on doing a workshop at the Memphis Botanic Gardens in the fall focusing on Content Planning and Time Management.  This was perfect for me as I was struggling with managing my personal, work, educational, blog life and anything outside of that (exercising, social, etc).  I really wanted to know how other bloggers could manage it all!  It seemed so easy for others (or so it looked like).

BX Workshop 01

The workshop gave lots of insight how many bloggers, including ones like Leigh and Kay, manage their time.  They also emphasized to give yourself “me time” once a week to avoid burnout.  Having time to yourself is key in managing multiple parts of life.  They also gave a list of few apps that we could use to pre-plan our IG posts, blog posts, etc.  Lastly, we were served some delicious pizza, salad, drinks and deserts for lunch.  You know an event is good when there’s some food!

BX Workshop 05
Everyone focused on learning some Blogger skills.
BX Workshop 04
Got to snap a quick picture with Kristin of Kristin Magdalene

Regarding my look, I went for layers since that’s key in the fall! 

I had really comfortable sweater material half sleeve, with a cardigan, and a fall skirt I had recently purchased from a Loft event I went to earlier in the week.  All paired with tights, boots and my go-to Kate Spade cross body bag.  My thought process was that if it got warm then I can peel that cardigan off!  As there’s no telling for a Southern fall when it goes from a 40 degree morning to a 85 degree afternoon.

BX Workshop 03

Sweater:  Similar | Cardigan:  Similar | Skirt:  Loft | Tights:  Hue | Boots:  Similar | Purse:  Kate Spade

Overall, the workshop was quite informative.  I learned a lot of new tips and tricks which I’ve incorporated in my blogging routine.  Blogger Xchange does a really good job with explaining how the blogging world works to new bloggers like myself and I appreciate the efforts being put into these workshops.  I look forward for more to attend in the future.

BX Workshop Nov 2018.jpg

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