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As always, I’m always delayed on my blog posts but I’m not going to start off with my usual intro of why I was so delayed.  Instead, we’re going to just get right into it!

The Power Point Presentation

I love going to Blogger Xchange events, whenever they are hosted in town.  I’ll try to go, if I’m able to go to one.  My goal for my blog for the year of 2019 is to make a media kit, pitch to a brand and get accepted.  So as some of you may have guessed, I was super excited about attending this event about taught how to make a Media Kit and how to sell ourselves to brands.

I had no idea on how to even start to make a media kit, so this workshop got me super excited.

If you’re interested in learning more about Blogger Xchange then check out my posts for them:  one for the Memphis Happy Hour and the other for Content Planning and Time Management as well as a guest post I did for them.

The event was hosted towards the end of January of this year (yes, I’m a bit behind on my event posts- I’ll catch up, one day!).  So, you can imagine that the weather was a bit on the colder side.  It was at the Epicenter in Memphis and we had a breakfast set up as well as local coffee from the lovely Oklyn Coffee group.

The Epicenter Room
Breakfast for the group
The amazing coffee

The event was only hosted by one of the girls of Blogger Xchange and it was done very well.  I learned a lot about how to create a Media Kit, what brands look into and how to make yourself stand out as a blogger amongst others.  As always, these workshops are so much fun as I’m constantly learning how to better myself as a blogger.  I’ve never been disappointed by the Blogger Xchange workshops and can’t wait for future ones in Memphis!

BX Media Kit 07
Also, I would like to thank Blogger Xchange for the lovely goodies as well!

Now, I know that most of you are interested in my outfit as well.  I knew that it would be an early and cold Saturday morning, so I opted for something warm, comfortable yet cute (for pictures, of course).  I chose this maroon dress with tights and paired it with my favorite ankle booties.

A better view of my outfit

Dress:  Similar | Tights:  Hue | Shoes: Dolce Vita

BX Media Kit 01.png

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