Planning my way into Blogging

Hello my KMD Lovelies!,

Most people ask me how I have it so together between working full time, going to grad school as a part time student, blogging, maintaining a social life, etc.  Hint:  I actually don’t have it together!  However, one thing that really helps me stay on top of things (or sort of on top of things) is having a planner and sticking to my schedule.

I have always used a planner to be on top of my schedule as far as I can remember.


I was super excited when LoveT Agency reached out to me regarding their planners.  They have specific planners for content creators such as a youtube planner, an Instagram planner, etc.  Personally, for me, I like to use a traditional weekly planner.  I like to keep everything in one planner such as my social life, school assignments and blogging.  With everything that I have going on, I don’t have to the time for multiple planners so a one stop shop is what I need.



In the planner, for each day, it lists the day of the week and has sections for “do” and “call” per each day.  I use it differently, I split each section as a part of my life.  For instance, on each day my boxes will be “Social Media”, “Grad School’, “Chores”, etc.  I like how I can manipulate this planner to fit my needs for me and my life.

The layout is one of my favorite things about this planner as well as how neutral it is.  I like to use colored pens to plan so that each other is used for a different aspect of my life.  For example, blue is gym, green is grad school, etc.  With that being said, the neutral colors of the planner and the quality of the paper are another plus for this planner.  My colored pens don’t bleed through the pages and helps me plan week to week without clashing from the previous week.


If you would like to get your very own LoveT Agency Planner then you’re in luck!  The LoveT Agency team was kind enough to give me a coupon code for you guys!  Head over to their website, pick out the planner you like and type in the coupon code “Komal15” for 15% off!  Who doesn’t like a good coupon, right?

Now you all know my secret to how I “keep it together” (even though I’m always behind on things).  A planner helps me organize and be on top of my crazy life and a planner like LoveT Agency planner is exactly how I try to stay on top of things.

LoveT Planner 01.png

Disclosure:  These products were provided to me by LoveT Planner.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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