Sweet and Spicy Princess Costume Series: Evil Princess Jasmine

Hello my KMD Lovelies!,

Since the start of my blog, one of the contents that I wanted to work on was a Halloween series.  I always loved Halloween and dress up every year, (often different costumes, one per event because why not?  Last year I was just getting the hang of blogging so my time management skills were a bit off with trying to coordinate a Halloween series – heck, I’m still juggling my time management skills (check out my planner post for tips on time management).

In addition to my interest in doing a Halloween series, I always loved Disney growing up and I love getting the chance to do a Disney costume when I can.  So, I thought, why not combine the both and make it a Disney costume series except with a twist?  That is how I came up with the concept for the Sweet and Spicy Princesses Halloween Costume Series.

2019-09-28 22.13.23
Princess Jasmine holding her pet Raja

This week and next week, me and a few of my local blogger babes will be showcases some of our favorite Disney gals in pairs: one will do a good version (“sweet”) and another will do an evil version (“spicy”) of the same princess.

Also, we have more than one twist in this series (because why not?), we’ll be showcasing these costumes in a Disney bounding form.

For this week, I got to choose Evil Princess Jasmine.  I was super excited to create this look and costume for you guys because Princess Jasmine is one of my favorite Disney princesses.  In fact, I was actually Princess Jasmine for a couple of years in a row as a child and did the costume as an adult a couple of years ago again.  However, this time, I would be doing an Evil version of Jasmine.  When I think of Evil Jasmine, the “Slave Jasmine” from the 1992 version of Aladdin always came to my mind.

2019-09-28 22.14.40
For make-up: I chose a fun smokey red/plum eye make-up with a muted red lip.

Since, Slave Jasmine wears a red outfit – in Disney bounding terms – I choose a red dress, with dark make-up and gold accessories for this costume.  I actually had a lot of fun doing the darker and more colorful make-up look which is usually out of my comfort zone.

2019-09-28 22.13.39

Dress: Similar| Shoes:  Similar | Bracelet:  Similar


One of the fabulous local blogger babes, Richa of Iscriblr, choose good Jasmine so she was my partner for this round.  She chose a fun, peacock themed dress which ties well with Jasmine’s character.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing a Disney bound version of an Evil Princess Jasmine.  I hope you enjoyed this fun look/costume as much as I have.  Lastly, I would like to know what is your favorite Disney character (it does not have to be a Princess)?  Let me know in the comments below!

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