How to Dress Your Way Into Fall

While parts of the country was experiencing fall since August, it was still 90+ degrees where I live.  So you can imagine how difficult it is to try to figure out how to dress for a Southern Fall– which is my own way of saying a ‘90+ degree fall’.  However, now that fall is in full swing where I live, I’m excited to bring you all a post about how I tend to dress for fall!  Before I begin, for those of you that are new here, I did a series of transitioning to fall outfits last year- check out that blog post to get some more inspiration!


Most of you may or may not know this about me but I love me my dresses!  The same applies for the fall- dresses are my way to go!  Since the weather will be between the high-60s to possible mid-80’s, I’ve given you all a couple of options of dresses that I like to wear for the fall.  I also like to wear other items for the colder days such as jeans with a sweater and booties but, I wanted to keep this real and showcase what I actually tend to wear.  I hope you all enjoy the tips!

Tip #1:  Solid darker colors

This tip may be obvious to some people, but it may also be news to others so I’m adding it to the list of tips.  Since it gets cold right around October or November, where I’m located, I can’t wear warm sweaters in the 90+ degree weather without getting a heat stroke.  Hence, why I like to buy darker color dresses for the fall.  This way, I’m still wearing darker, fall colors even when its blazing hot.  I like to add open-toe booties to this type of outfit so that my feet can still breathe.


Tip #2:  Fall florals

This may come as a shock to none but fall florals is a huge trend!  Now you might be thinking, what is the difference between a fall floral and a summer floral?  Fall florals tend to be in more fall colors like browns, oranges, mauves, etc.  However, I like to swtich it up and wear florals in the fall by buying items in darker colors with a floral print not a darker floral.


Tip #3:  Fall prints

Fall prints are similar to my first tip- find a print in a darker color and go for it!  I like to wear unique tribal prints in the fall.  Most of them come in darker colors so it works great for me!  Other prints you might see are stripes, polka dots, Aztec, etc.  Any print that you like and enjoy can apply here- as long as it’s in a more darker/fall color


And there you go!  I hope you guys enjoyed reading my tips and tricks on how to transition into fall- in a warmer climate.  Which one would you be using?  Let me know in the comments below.

Fall Dress 01.png