Staying Hydrated for the Colder Months

By the reading the title of this blog post, you’re probably thinking- this is a post about drinking water or staying healthy.  Sorry to burst your bubble but this isn’t quite that post.  In fact, I’ll be talking more about how to keep your skin hydrated in the fall rather than your body.


One of the things I like to do in order to keep my skin hydrated is to carry a water mist in my purse with me.  This way, anytime my skin feels a little dehydrated, I can easily mist some clean water on my face- without ruining my make-up!  The Evian Spray works great for this type of task.  It also comes in a travel size bottle (1.7 oz) which can easily fit in your purse, can take it with your during your travels or leave it on your desk at work/home!


I love using this spray for hydrating my skin during the dry cold months.  This product is great because it literally contains just water and no chemicals- 100% pure evian® natural mineral water from the French Alps.  So instead of using hydrating products on my face that have a ton of chemicals in them, I’m just using one that’s literally just natural mineral water.  Also, for those of you that are concerned with skin issues this product is hypo-allergenic & has a neutral pH.  So in other words, it is great for all skin types!  I guess we can’t go wrong with natural mineral water for hydration!

Does you skin crave hydration in the colder months?  Let me know, in the comments below!

Evian Spray 02.pngDisclosure:  These products were provided to me by Evian Spray via BrandBacker.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.