5 Holiday Party Outfits. Featuring: Earrings by Emma

As the holiday season approaches, all of us are getting ready to prepare for the holiday parties that are come with this fun season.  One of the issues I always have with coming up with outfits for holiday parties are accessorizing with those outfits.

As some of you may know from my Studex post, that I have sensitive ears, so I am always wary of the type of earrings that I wear.  I usually stick to studs since they’re easy and don’t hurt my ears.  However, when Earrings by Emma reached out to me, I was initially quite skeptical about their earrings.  I usually don’t do brand deals that don’t work for me, even if I love the brand.  So, I looked more into this brand because I heard about them and how they have plastic post earrings for sensitive ears.

Boy was I shocked when I got their earrings in the mail and tried them on!  Their earrings come with a plastic post (a plastic hook) for sensitive ears.  I was so excited to try them since I barely wear big/long earrings because they always irritate my ears.  So, with that, I came up with my line of holiday outfits and fun earrings to accessorize with them!


Holiday Outfit #1:  The Casual Friends get together

If you have a get-together at a friend’s place such as a Holiday Cookie exchange, White Elephant or Secret Santa then this outfit would be perfect for that type of event!  Any long sweater with leggings is the way to go – It’s super cute and casual!  I added a long earring to this look to make it be the focus of the outfit.



Sweater: Similar | Leggings:  Target | Shoes:  Similar | Earrings:  Earrings by Emma

Holiday Outfit #2:  The Girlfriends’ dinner (pink sweater and skirt)

Similar to my previous outfit, it’s a look with a sweater but instead of leggings- I added a skirt to the look.  The skirt makes it super cute/casual and perfect for that holiday event with just your girls.  I also added a fun pair of earrings to this look to make it a little more glam and girly.



Sweater: Similar | Skirt:  Similar | Shoes:  Similar | Earrings:  Earrings by Emma

Holiday Outfit #3:  The Family Dinner

Any holiday is not complete with that family dinner.  For this, I picked a really cute dress with heels.  The dress I choose has thick straps and is a good length so that you can still be cute and conservative within that family dinner (gotta impress the in-laws, right?).  For this outfit, I picked a fun tassel earring so that there is a little bit of fun to the family appropriate outfit.


2019-11-09 08.58.00.jpg

Dress: Similar | Shoes:  Similar | Earrings:  Earrings by Emma

Holiday Outfit #4:  The Work Event

We all have that work dinner or have to attend one for our significant other.  For this outfit, I picked the same dress as mentioned above and added as sweater to it to make it a bit more work appropriate.  You can also add tights to the outfit but I kept it tight-free (just a personal preference).  I added a comfortable heeled wedge to the outfit, but a cute pair of open-toe booties are also a good option.  The earrings I choose were a fun sparkly gold/silver pair that tied the whole outfit together.


2019-11-09 09.01.27.jpg

Dress: Similar | Sweater: Similar | Shoes:  Similar | Earrings:  Earrings by Emma

Holiday Outfit #5:  The Hostess

Despite however many holiday parties there are that you might need to attend, there are some of us that also host our annual holiday event too.  For this event, I like to have a “showstopper” type of out and one that’s different than the others.  I picked a lacey purple romper, paired it with open-toe booties and added purple pendant earrings.  This type of outfit shows that you are indeed the host of the event!



Romper: Similar | Shoes:  Similar | Earrings:  Earrings by Emma


And there you go!  Five fun outfits for the holiday season.  I hope you guys enjoyed my line of outfits for each event.  Which one was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.

Earrings by Emma 03.png

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  1. Hey! Those earrings are all so very pretty! They look amazing with all the outfits you put together with them. I also love the brand name. Emma is my favorite girl name in all the world! That makes them even better in my mind! Great post!

  2. I loved all of the outfits but that purple romper looks amazing on you!! And the earrings are so fun. I’m so happy you found some big statement earrings that work with sensitive ears 🙌

  3. I love all five outfits babe and love how you styled every single one of them! What a great post!!

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