My Yearly Recap: 2019

Hello my KMD lovelies,

How has everyone’s start of 2020 been?  If anyone is wondering, mine has not been so great- I got the flu and have just been resting for the first bit of the year.  Not the best way to start of the year (or decade) but it’s one of the books, I guess?

Anyway, in typical Komal fashion, here’s my yearly recap of 2019- a couple of weeks (or more) later than everyone else’s.  😊

Also, before I begin- I finally graduated with my Master’s in December 2019 (yay) so I will have more time to dedicate to the blog.  Here’s to hoping that I post things in a timely manner now, since I’ll have the time (one can hope). 😉


  • Started the year off with a Yearly Recap of 2018 post.
  • Went to a Blogger Workshop. Read more about it here
  • Got invited to and attended my first media event – Cirque Du Soliel
    • Check my Instagram story highlights (labeled “Events“)


  • Attended two blogger events in the same night (feeling very social – haha):
  • Hung out with two amazing Content Creators for coffee
Hanging with Magen of “Simply Magen


Style by Jamie Lea’s first Blogger Event


  • Attended a Memphis Fashion Week event as a Blogger
Hanging with Lisa Mills of LisaThePilot



  • Took some time off from posting on the blog to spend time with the family before I had to start my MBA classes for the summer.
Study time for me


  • Was taking two MBA classes this month so took some more time off of the blog
  • Continued to post on Instagram in order to keep in touch with you guys!


  • Got creative by posting a blog post on how to dress for a rainy day


Planning my way into Blogging


  • Initiated a fun Halloween series with some Local Bloggers. Check it out below!:


  • Got a brand collaboration that I have been trying to get for a over a year!


  • Took some final time off of the blog to focus on writing my Thesis for my MBA.
  • As always, the Instagram was up-to-date during this time


And that is a wrap up of the all things- blog related- that happened for me in 2019!  Not as successful as my 2018 recap.  However, this year, I added more work load for my Master’s program so I focused more on that part of my life.  I knew that the quicker I finished my program, the more time I will be able to have towards my blog.  I still tried to remain as active as I could on Instagram and kept posting here and there on the blog.

Overall, I think I did pretty well based on my time constraints.  I’m excited to see what this next year, 2020, has in store for me & my blog.  I look forward to my continued journey of blogging this year and hope that you guys are still tagging along!

Hanging with some local bloggers at a Blogger Event
Shelby of The Memphis Jewel
Being Cultured

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