3 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

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Daylight Savings just occurred and the first day of spring is near which means- dressing for the warmer months!  I know a lot of people love the fall for the fashion options, but I love the spring and summer.  I’m such a dress and sandals gal that these seasons are the ones in which I shine.  However, I have been getting into jumpsuits lately.  I always assumed they were just a one-piece outfit, but I played around and figured out more than one way to style a jumpsuit.

I hope you enjoy the fun tips!

Option #1:  Wear it on its own!

This may come as a no-brainer but wearing a jumpsuit on it’s own is a great style tip.  Adding too many accessories and thinking too much about the outfit might add too much distraction.  With this jumpsuit, I let the polka dots be the main attraction and added a fun black sandal to the look.

2020-02-29 21.35.362020-02-29 21.47.292020-02-29 21.34.42

Jumpsuit: Similar | Earrings:  Similar | Shoes:  Similar


Option #2:  Add a blouse

I just recently discovered this trick and fell in love with it!  IF you add a blouse on top of your jumpsuit, it will create a really fun look.  Sort of like a fun pants and top look but really, it’s a jumpsuit with a blouse!  I paired the same polka dot jumpsuit with a plain black top so that the main focus was on the bottom part of the outfit.

2020-02-29 22.13.05

2020-02-29 22.11.572020-02-29 22.12.03

Jumpsuit: Similar | Shirt: Banana Republic | Earrings:  Similar | Shoes:  Similar


Option #3:  Add a fun colored cardigan

Another one of my recent discoveries- adding a cardigan to a jumpsuit.  This may come as a no brainer but adding a cardigan that either matches or complements your jumpsuit is also a great look.  I added a fun lavender colored cardigan on top of my black & white jumpsuit for a pop of color.

2020-02-29 22.19.502020-02-29 22.19.302020-02-29 22.19.53

Jumpsuit: Similar | Cardigan: Similar | Earrings:  Similar | Shoes:  Similar

There you have it!  Three different and fun ways to style a jumpsuit.  Jumpsuits are not just a one-piece outfit can you can have a lot of fun with them.  Let me know in the comments below if you tried any of the tips.



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