One Dress, 3 Ways: Denim Dress Version

Hello my KMD lovelies!,

I haven’t worn a denim dress in YEARS but was so excited when I noticed that this trend is back!  I got myself a really nice (faux) denim dress and have been playing around with how to style the dress.  I came up with a couple of options and hope it helps you all style your denim dresses.

Option #1:  Wear it on its own!

This goes without saying and I have mentioned it a ton in my previous outfit styling options but wearing the dress on it’s own is a great way to wear it!  I added a nice pair of black wedges along with a fun pair of colorful earrings as accents to the outfit.

2020-02-29 23.17.172020-02-29 23.17.26

Denim Dress: Similar | Earrings:  Earrings by Emma | Shoes:  Similar

Option #2:  Add a shirt underneath

 The denim dress I choose has buttons going up all the way to the collar bone.  So, and easy way to have fun with the outfit is to add a fun patterned shirt underneath and open the buttons a bit.  I added a floral shirt under the dress for a fun pop of pattern.

2020-02-29 23.25.252020-02-29 23.25.24

Denim Dress: Similar | Shirt:  Similar | Shoes:  Similar

Option #3:  Add some leggings

I just discovered this style option lately.  Since spring is such an unpredictable season, with some days being cold and other days being warm, adding leggings to the dress is a great option.  In this style option, the dress becomes more like a tunic top and still works as a great spring outfit.  I added a tank top underneath dress and opened the top buttons so that it does appear to be more of a tunic top.

2020-02-29 23.32.00

Denim Dress: Similar | Tank top:  Banana Republic | Leggings:  Kohl’s | Earrings:  Earrings by Emma  Shoes:  Similar

And that is the end of my style tips!  They are simple yet great tips to make a denim dress work for you!  Are you excited for the denim dress to make a comeback?  Let me know in the comments below.

Denim Dress 01.png

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