10 Things to do When Bored

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With Covid-19 (aka the Corona Virus) hitting the whole entire world, we’re all in a weird part of our lives since we can’t go and do things like we normally do.  Since a lot of people are home bored, I thought I’d come up with some things that you can do during your free time.  We’re still a long way from quarantine ending so might as well make the most of it!

Note:  Just in case, you’re unaware of what is going on in the world and/or would like more information, head over to World Health Organization (WHO) or Center for Disease Control(CDC) for more information.

#1:  Read a Book

I love reading books.  I normally have a goal of how many books I should read each other (i.e. 12 books a year, etc) which helps motivate me.  In order to make your time go faster, you can try to aim to read a book series during this time.  Something such as the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, etc.

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#2:  Catch up on your shows

Netflix & Chill has been the motto of this quarantine.  Lots of people are binging TV shows and catching up on shoes on their list.  So I thought I would put this on here.  I’ve been really into watching Netflix Romantic Comedies lately such as To All the Boys P.S. I still love you, Always be my Maybe, etc.  Lots of streaming services are releasing their movies and TV shows early so that people can watch them during quarantine so go ahead and take advantage of them!

#3:  Video chat with friends and family/Virtual Happy Hours

I’ve pretty much been doing a video chat with my family every day even prior to quarantine.  But now, I’ve added virtual happy hours to my agenda to keep in touch with friends near and far.

#4:  Extreme at home Self-care

Self-care is super important!  But at the moment, our favorite nail salons, spa’s, etc, are closed until further notice.  So the next best thing is to do it at home!  Doing an extreme self-care routine means to just go all out!  Use that hair mask you’ve been dying to use, take that 4 hour bath with new bath products, etc.

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#5:  Organize your Space

I love organizing and spring cleaning an organizers favorite time of year!  I usually just clean out my closet and kitchen during this time of the year.  For this year, I’ve added bathroom, make-up, and all other closets in the house to the list.  Since you’ve got the time, might as well go at it!

#6:  Do an at-home workout

Most gyms have been closed so a lot of people are not sure how to maintain their fitness routine.  Some gyms are not even offering virtual classes.  So, I suggest just opening up YouTube and following a fitness routine that you like from a fitness guru.  I like to do Yoga with Adriene and following Kayla Itsines’s BBG program at home.  Both are fairly easy to do at home with little to no equipment.

#7:  Play a video/computer game

You can kill hours playing video games- I know my husband does.  I’m not much of a video game gal (besides Mario Kart or anything similar) but I do like to play Sims.  I have Sims 3 on my computer, and I can just play continuously for hours without realizing it.

#8:  Make a Pinterest board

Pinterest boards are so much fun!  It’s where I get my inspiration for recipes, home décor & fashion.  Check out Pinterest if you haven’t and make some mood boards for yourself.  You can kill tons of time with this activity

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#9:  Get in that Kitchen (Cook or bake)

Now is the time to either learn or improve to cook or bake.  Cooking and baking are one of those things that improve over time.  So if you’ve been afraid to get in the kitchen before, take your chances now!

#10:  Online shopping

Lastly but not least, can’t forget online shopping.  I’ve been online shopping for years but since most stores are closed, you can still get what you need on their websites.  Most stores are even offering lower delivery costs or free delivery.  So go ahead and order the things in your cart(s) that you’ve been waiting to order!


Bonus #11:  Start your side hustle!


I’ve had many friends who have been wanting to start a side hustle and have been asking me how to start a blog.  Well, now is the time to do it!  You have the time to dedicate to start your side hustle whether that’s a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc.- go ahead and do it!

So there you have it!  These are a list of 10 things to do during this Quarantine (or when you’re bored).  I hope that some of you find this list helpful.  Have you been able to kill some time with any of the items on this list?  Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. These are all great tips! I’ve been trying to read more and need to start doing home workouts more regularly! I could definitely stand to do a lotttt of decluttering too!

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