How to Appreciate Life After Quarantine

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We’re almost to the end of our Quarantine!  My city and state have started to slowly open things up, in Phase 1, this past week.  Even though there are some things open now, my husband and I decided to wait a little bit before we get back out there.  We still want to practice social distancing and continue the Quarantine schedule for a little longer just to be safe.

With that being said, Quarantine has taught me how much we take things for granted.  Such as, the outdoors, our beautiful homes, etc.  So, I come up with some things that I realized I took for granted pre-quarantine that I know will appreciate so much more.

Also, if your state or country is still closed for a while, check out my tips on what to do during the COVID-19 Safer at Home initiative.

For more information regarding Covid-19, head over to  World Health Organization (WHO) or Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Go to City and State Parks

Parks are all around us especially the City and State Parks that usually have a lot of free events going on.  My local city park has tons of fitness events and after we phase back into a normal park schedule, I’ll be heading to more classes at the park and taking more walks out there.  It’s a beautiful park and FREE so why not take advantage of it?

Park in Downtown Memphis, TN

Being with Family and Friends

For most of you who know, I’m originally from New York and now living in Memphis, TN.  So my family is still in New York and I visit them a couple of times a year.  With quarantine happening, I have no idea when I might see them again.  However, we have been facetiming more often and doing game nights.  So, moving forward, I will love to continue this close bond in between my visits.

I’ve also been doing more virtual happy hours and game nights with my cousins, local friends. friends far away and friends who I haven’t talked to in years.  It’s been such a blast just connecting with so many people since we’re all in the same boat.  This has taught me to make sure to reach out to the same people even post-quarantine to make sure that we’re all doing okay.

2019-09-28 22.34.11-1
Goofing around with my friend Richa of iScriblr



We knew that technology was always such a great thing it keeps changing every day.  Well, in these times, I was so grateful to be able to just video chat with family and friends across the globe (see above post, for more details).  I’ve been able to do Zoom chats with my family in England, Canada and India.  It’s been great staying in touch with everyone and knowing that we are all in this together- no matter the location.  I will hope to still continue to keep in touch with everyone after our locations re-open.

I miss going to a coffee shop and being on my laptop for hours.



I can’t wait to go back out to a nice restaurant with my husband, for date night, and hearing the words “Can I take your order”.  I guess I took simple things like that for granted but boy do I miss it!  Once things re-open, I think I’ll be visiting my favorite restaurant at least once a week and also hope that the staff there is doing okay too!

Memphis Blogger Xchange Happy Hour 02
Can’t wait for beautiful patio weather.


I like to get up and get ready on the daily but this type of self-care is different.  I’m talking about the pampering type of self-care.  I would always tell myself that I never had time to do an “at-home spa day”, or curl my hair, etc.  But during this time of social distancing, I realized that I do have the time, I just need to make the time to pamper myself.  So, once things re-open and my schedule gets hectic between family, friends, work, blog, etc, I’m going to block off one night a week each week for my own pampering time.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 8.39.10 PM
Getting excited to take some more time to pamper myself!

What are somethings’ that you took for granted?

Life After Quaratine 01

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