4 Types of Floral Outfits

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Anyway, I wanted to do a post about some summer florals- I know, how groundbreaking!  (Comment below if you get my reference.)  I’m not much of a big floral girl myself but I’ve been loving florals- in small bursts lately.  Check out my list below for my favorite types of florals!

#1:  Big Florals

I like huge florals that take up most of the fabric but spaced out, so it looks super dainty and girly.  This type of floral is my favorite in a nice summer dress with some sandals or wedges.

2020-05-02 00.26.202020-05-02 00.26.37

Dress: Similar | Sandals:  DSW


#2:  Small Florals

I used to hate small florals but moving to the south has made me appreciate it more (since everyone is a huge floral fan here and that’s all you see).  However, I’m still not a fan of the super small floral (similar to this).  But I’ve found a way to make this work me.  I like small floral when it’s spaced out and you can see the details on the flowers in the print.  You can wear this type of floral to a fun Summer BBQ with a cute pair of wedges.

2020-05-02 01.26.34-12020-05-02 01.26.06-3

Dress: Similar | Sandals:  DSW (Similar)


#3:  Detailed Florals

This type of floral is super pretty.  It’s like someone painted on the flowers to your outfit and that’s the reason why I love this kind of floral print.  Again, I love it when it’s more spaced out (do you see a trend here?).

2020-05-02 01.35.03-12020-05-02 01.34.12

Dress: Similar | Sandals:  LC by Lauren Conrad (Similar)


Bonus:  Baby Florals

These are florals that your grandma probably has as wallpaper in her house.  It can look good in clothing- when done right meaning spaced out (once again, spaced out).  I like this in dresses or even printed shorts.  You can always pair a plain white tee with sandals (or wedges) with a printed short for a fun Summer Music Festival look (or fall since they all moved to the fall for this year).

2020-05-02 01.46.372020-05-02 01.46.04

Tee Shirt: Banana Republic | Shorts: Similar |Sandals:  LC by Lauren Conrad (Similar)


I hope you all liked reading about the types of florals that I enjoy to wear- all spaced out (no secret there).  What type of floral is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

Floral Outfits 02.png

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  1. Love all the looks!! My favorite one of the first one. Just super girly and I love it 😍😍

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