Happy Two Years to the KMD Blog!

Hello my KMD lovelies!,

I’m so excited to celebrate two years since the re-launch of my blog!  I can’t believe it’s been that long already.  Thanks to all of you that have been following along this crazy blogging journey of mine.  Last year, I did a post on the tips and tricks I learned in my first year of blogging.  This year I’m going to do the same so hope you all enjoy what I learned in my second year of blogging!

Happy Two Years to the Komal Means Delicate Blog!

Stick to the plan

In my first year of blogging, I would plan out my blog posts for the month but always push them out to the following week then the next then the next.  If you notice, you’ll see large chunks of consistent blog posts then no blog posts during my first year.  This past year, I learned that I need to stick to the schedule that I made.  If I do, then you all will return to read my tips, tricks and thoughts.

Blogger Planner
Use a Planner if it helps to plan out your content

Batch your content

I did this a bit during my first year of blogging.  But with my hectic schedule of a full time job, part-time grad school and blogging- I just couldn’t keep up with batching my content as often.  This year, I take pictures for the whole month of blog posts/Instagram posts during the course of one weekend in a month.  I go more over my process in my most recent blog post about Time Management for Bloggers(check it out, if you haven’t already).


Networking is good for growing your blog as well as supporting others in your niche/location.  Due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t network much with local bloggers for a majority of 2019.  However, once I graduated, I got back out there to see my gals/guys in the industry.  To my surprise, everyone missed me and wondered where I was and that made me really happy.  A lot of people think that the blogging world is superficial.  But like any industry, there are good and bad people.  I’ve met some amazing people in this world and I’m glad I did.  Don’t be afraid to go ahead and attend a blogging event by yourself.  I was super scared but after my first one, it was great to see some of the same faces and connect with them on all things blogger related.

Attending a local blogger event with some amazing local gals!


I mentioned engagement in my One Year Anniversary post too.  I can’t stress enough how important engaging with your audience is for a blogger.  My engagement went down a ton this year from the previous year.  Truth is, I spent a lot of time engaging and growing that I got burnt out.  And with the addition of a second class to my schedule for the majority of 2019, I just couldn’t spend the extra time on Instagram.  However, since I didn’t engage as much, I didn’t grow as much.  So I do suggest even taking 15 minutes every day to reply to comments and private messages on all your social platforms.  If you respond to someone, they are most likely to respond back.

2020-02-29 23.32.21
Using fun poses to engage with my Instagram audience

Get Creative!

One of the biggest lessons I learned in this second year of blogging was to get creative.  Don’t be afraid to try a new pose, new location, or new topic to add to your blog.  I recently started a “New Blogger Series” and you all loved it!  I was honestly so nervous about it since I’m only in my second year of blogging and still am learning/don’t know it all.  But you all loved the little bit of knowledge that I did have so I went for a second topic in this series.  I’m working on a few more posts for this series and have to get creative with the topics so that I’m not repetitive.  I wouldn’t have been able to continue to write about this topic without the support of all of you.

Just having some fun and being creative!

There you have it!  A list of some of things that I learned in my second year of blogging.  Did you notice a change in my blogging techniques?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love the tips girl! And I definitely agree with you on a lot of them. In addition, I have also had the same struggles as you have had. This year I’m trying to grow more and how to balance everything everything out.

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