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Hello my KMD lovelies!,

A while ago, I did a post about 10 Things to Do When Bored and in that post.  I mentioned catching up on your shows as an option.  I also listed a couple of my Netflix shows that I was watching as well.  A lot of you wanted a more recommendations of my Netflix faves/current watch list.  Since some of us are still under strict quarantine rules while others are doing a phased opening (at least in the U.S.), I thought, this may be the best time for a Netflix show recommendation!  The list below is in no particular order so enjoy it!

P.S.: I broke the list down into my favorite “Hollywood/American” items and my favorite “Bollywood/Indian” items so you can see my favorites in both categories.

Hollywood/American Faves

Tiger KingIf you haven’t watched this already then you must!  It just keeps getting better and better, both in a good and bad way and yet you can’t stop watching it.

All the Boys P.S. I still love youThis is such a great Romantic Comedy and a good sequel to the original (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before).  If you’re a chick flick/rom-com lover like me then this Is right up you’re alley.

Schitt’s Creek:  This show is a bit older, but I still wanted to mention it.  I just started watching it and I’m on Season 2 and boy is it funny!  You have to give it a couple of episodes before the comedy starts to roll in but it does get good.  Also it’s a family show – not the one you can watch with kids.  By family show, I mean Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy created the show as well as star with along with Sarah Levy (Eugene’s Daughter).

Never Have I EverI’m going to put this show in my Hollywood/American recommendations because it is an American show with an Indian American cast.  Anyway, if you’re a minority/first-generation American (whether it’s Asian, Indian or African), you can relate to the first generation struggles of the main character of the show- Devi.  This show is so relatable to me on so many levels and its’ so well done.  To top it off, Mindy Kaling is the creator of the show who I love!

Working Moms:  While I’m not a mom (yet), this has been one of my top favorite shows.  Its’ funny, crude yet relatable for moms or friends with kids.  And it’s also an easy watch.  I binged the new season in ONE DAY *pat on the back*. 

Honorable mentions:  Fuller House, Cheer, Love is Blind


My Next Guest with David Letterman and Shah Rukh Khan:  If you’re a 90’s/early 2000s Bollywood Fanatic like me, then you would love this interview that David Letterman did with Shah Rukh Khan.  It’s great, funny and amazing how these both interact with each other.  Also, if you’re Indian who grew up outside of India, like myself, you’ll love the clash of both your worlds (David Letterman & Shah Rukh Khan).

What the Love! (with Karan Johar):  Yes, this is exactly what you think it is- a dating show with Karan Johar as the host and matchmaker.  Its’ funny, amazing, and powerful to see that everyone has their struggles and self-esteem issues even when trying to find someone. 

Sacred Games:  I haven’t watched this yet but it’s on my list!  I haven’t heard any bad things about it.  If you like crime dramas then this is up your alley! Plus, Saif Ali Khan as a Sardar– um, yes please!

Little Things:  If you are a modern guy/girl then you’ll love this show.  It’s about a couple living together in Mumbai going through their daily lives/couple struggles.

Lust Stories:  A compilation of four short films put together exploring the lives of people in modern day India.

Honorable Mentions:  Luka Chuppi, Ek Ladki ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, Love Aaj Kal (2019).

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  1. Ooo I’ve heard great things about Schitt’s Creek and Never Have I Ever! I also loved To All the Boys I Loved Before when it came out. Maybe I’ll check out the sequel too. Thanks for the recs!

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