I’m a part of the LIKEtoKNOW.it Program!

Hello my KMD lovelies!,

If you have been following me on Instagram then you know that I have recently been a part of the LIKEtoKNOW.it family (which is a part of RewardStyle)!  This was one of my biggest accomplishments with my blog so far (crazy to say that but it was).  I had applied at least three times since I’ve started my blog – which was created two years ago!  I had lost hope and didn’t apply for a while.  But then one of my blogger gals got accepted into their program and I thought, why not try again?

I really wasn’t expecting an acceptance email this time.  I was actually expecting another rejection email since I’ve been rejected three times previously.  Little did I know, the next email from the LIKEtoKNOW.it family was going to be my acceptance into the program!  I was really excited about finally getting into the program!  I just couldn’t believe it that after my fourth try, I would finally get accepted.  Moral of the story:  NEVER give up!

So after I got accepted, I would create a LookBook of everyone’s favorite outfits from this year.  Since we’re still dealing with a pandemic, we can still shop online, right?  Anyway, check out the top picks below!

Galentine’s Day 2020 Faves

Two of the outfits I choose for my Galentine’s LookBook post were very well loved on Instagram.  If you want to get similar items, click on the links below!

Click here to view similar items from the outfit

Click here for outfit links

Spring Trends 2020 Faves

Most of you loved all the outfits that I posted in the “My Favorite Spring Trends of 2020” post.  So, I went ahead and found similar options for all of my outfits in that post.  Click on the links below to check out where to buy similar of the items for those looks.

Click here for outfit links

Click here for outfit links

Click here for outfit links

Floral Outfits 2020 Faves

In my “4 Types of Floral Outfits” post, most of you like three out of the four outfits that I posted.  As you already know, like the outfits in the other posts, I found similar items to the favorite outfits from this post.  Also like the previous options, click on the links below and you will find out where to buy similar of the items for these looks.

Click here for outfit links

Click here for outfit links

Click here for outfit links

So, there you have it, a summary of the top liked outfits from my Instagram- including links for items to create a similar look. 

6 thoughts on “I’m a part of the LIKEtoKNOW.it Program!

  1. Congratulations for getting accepted into the program! 4th time’s a charm right?? I’m really liking ALL your looks. Favorites are the Galentine’s Day looks, the polka-dot jumpsuit, the floral dress, and the floral maxi skirt!! SO SO CUTE!

  2. I enjoy checking out your outfits on Like to know it! It’s so convenient ❤️
    Thank you for sharing the details Komal.

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