3 Types of Printed Shorts

Hello my KMD lovelies!,

I love a cute pair of printed shorts for the summer.  Especially if they’re flowy, baggy and super comfortable!  Next to printed paints and maxi dresses, printed shorts are my favorite type of casual summer clothing.  Most people find printed shorts intimidating since they don’t know how to style them.  So, I rounded up my favorite types of printed shorts and how to style them.  Enjoy!


#1:  Floral Print

A floral print is a classic when thinking of printed shorts.  If you read my post on the types of florals that I like to wear, then you’ll know a small floral print is my favorite kind.  With this type of outfit, since the shorts is the main focus, I like to wear a plain white tee and neutral sandals.  This way there is not too much focus anywhere else.  I also sometimes either include statement earrings or a necklace (for fun).


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  1. They all look so cute!!! I think I love the florals ones the most especially for the summer

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