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I’m here with another Blogger Tips blog post since you love them so much!  In this post, I’ll be focusing on how I plan out my content.  I have quite a few friends and fellow new bloggers ask me how I keep on top of my blogging despite my busy schedule (which is such a compliment)!  It may seem like I’m on top of things but really, I’m just learning like everyone else.  I am consistent at times but then, life happens, and you lose your consistency streak.  Anyway, below are some tips from me, that I’ve learned work for me in order to keep myself organized and make sure that I post consistently.

Tips for the Current Month

Write out the blog post due for the week on the weekend

I upload a blog post every once a week, usually on a weekday.  Currently, my weekends have been so packed that I don’t get the chance to write my posts until a Monday or Tuesday.  However, I’ve been able to stay consistent with that schedule and that’s what matters.  In fact, it becomes like second nature after a while.  I just call it my “blog post prep night”.  Since the year has begun, there may have been less than a handful of weeks with no blog posts.  So as long as you pick your “blog post writing/prep day” and you stick to it, you’ll be able to be more consistent with your posts. 

Working on my next blog post

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Tips for the Next Month

Plan out outfits and locations for the following month.

For example, we’re currently in the month of July so I shot all of my content for July in the previous month (June).  To further explain, my content for next month (the month of August) will be shot this month (in July).  I book out one day during the weekend to shoot all my pictures for the following month.  Currently, I’m planning out my outfits for the month of August since I’ll be shooting those outfits in the next couple of weeks.  After my shooting day, I usually spend the next day editing pictures, planning out my blog posts schedule, my Instagram post schedule, etc.

Shooting for my February/March 2020 content in January 2020 with Kristin of Kristin Magdalene

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Taking a break during editing my pictures for the following month. 🙂

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Tips for the month after next month

Plan out the blog posts. 

It may sound crazy, but I pick out my blog post content about two months ahead.  This gives me time to post anything based on seasonal content, buy any additional items I need for special posts (like seasonal content, etc.).  To put this into perspective, it’s currently the month of July and I’m already planning out what I would like to post in September. This isn’t always the case but I do try my best to plan out two months in ahead, at the very least, one month in advance.

The “4 Types of Floral Outfits” post (posted in May 2020) was planned out back in April 2020.

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The “My favorite spring trends” post (posted in March 2020) was planned out in January 2020.

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Quick Summary

Current month:  Blog post writing, scheduling & going live

Next month:  Schedule a photoshoot during the current month for pictures and content to be posted in following month.

Month after next month:  In current month, plan out what blog posts you would like to write about, and buy items (if needed).

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