5 Ways to Continue to Stay Safe During Covid-19

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Most of us are getting more comfortable going out to places and seeing our friends and families.  However, we have to remember that we’re still in a pandemic and the Corona Virus is still out there affecting tons of people.  As we’re heading back to our “new normal”, we need to remember to still remain safe.  So, I went ahead and put together a list of the top five things that I do when I’m heading back into the world.* 

For more information regarding Covid-19, head over to  World Health Organization (WHO) or Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Mask up!

Whatever your stance is on the mask debate, I am one of those that wear a mask.  I work in healthcare and for me, I wear a mask to protect my family, friends and random people (like people at the grocery store).  There are many Etsy shops that sell cool masks with different designs and clothing options.  So, if you’re on the side of wearing a mask, I highly recommend choosing the one you like from Etsy or other shops.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

As crazy as it sounds, I have become more paranoid with scrubbing my hands clean.  Every time I go out, even if it’s to get the mail, I come back home and wash my hands.  Infectious diseases, such as the Corona Virus, they can be airborne.  While we’re still learning how this virus works, it’s better to be safe and preemptively wash your hands. Keep in mind to wash your hands for 20 seconds, per the CDC recommended guidelines.

Don’t say “No” to Alcohol

When I mean Alcohol, I’m actually talking about the alcohol used in hand sanitizer (gotcha!). Hand Sanitizer is your best friend when you’re going out and about.  I have always get a travel-sized hand sanitizer in my purse.  But now, I make sure to have one in my car, at my work desk, at my house, etc.  I like to keep hand sanitizer in multiple locations so that if someone needs to use some, they can use the other bottle and I don’t have to worry about sharing mine. 

Socially Distance

This tip comes as a no-brainer but, I wanted to list how I apply it to my everyday “new” normal life.  I like to still keep a 6 feet distance from most people.  While that’s hard at a grocery store or a tight office setting (in case you’re back in the office), I still will try to maintain the distance.  Also, make sure that when you do hang with friends that you are in groups of less than ten people.  The smaller the groups and the more spread out that you are, the safer you will be.

Sharing is not Caring

One of the biggest ways of the virus spreading is through contact with others.  Make sure that when you’re in communal areas, like a restaurant or office, that you don’t share your food or supplies.  As a big sharer myself, this one is takes a lot of effort on my end.  However, I remind myself that I’m have to do this in order to protect me and my loved ones.

There you have it, my top 5 ways of adapting to life as a “new” normal (until a vaccine is out at least).  Let me know what you think.  Which of these tips have you been doing?

*Disclaimer:  The tips that I mention in this post are indeed some of the top tips recommended by the CDC & WHO.  I have been adapting these recommendations to my daily life. I am not claiming these tips as my own.  All opinions are my own.

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