Falling for Booties!

Hello my KMD lovelies!

I always see fall fashion emerge around this time of the year, especially after the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which kicks off fall fashion for most of us.  For me, fall fashion doesn’t start until the weather hits the 60’s.  As someone who’s grown up in New York, I’m used to savoring the summer and letting it last as long as possible.  However, since moving to the South a few years back, I realized that Southerners really love their fall (and it’s not the fall I’m used to).

I’ve had to adjust my fashion sense for the “fall” here in the south since fall fashion starts more in August vs October.  Not to mention that it remains in the 90s until October in the South.  So, it’s hard to wear sweaters, scarves and boots in the scorching heat.  Thus, over the past couple of years, I’ve come up with ways to incorporate fall fashion in the heated temperatures. 

One of the main ways I do that is by wearing my summer/lighter fall dresses with ankle booties!  It’s still too hot for long boots but one can always wear a classic pair of fall booties!  I put together a few ways you can incorporate both summer + fall in this season transitional period, until the temperatures are cooler. 

Booties in the Office

Booties are my favorite type of shoes for the office.  Not only are they comfortable, they also look professional and you can use them for a Happy Hour after work (or Social Distance Happy Hour now-a-days).  I’ve come up with two different ways to pair a classic pair of black booties.  The first one is with a dress and the second one is with a shirt and classic black skirt.  Pairing your neutral outfits with a classic black booties is a good way to transition to fall fashion.

Brunching in booties

Going out for brunch (or hosting brunch) is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s a fun thing to do for the weekend and a super casual way to hang out with your favorite people.  Although, we’re still quarantining and being careful, I did invite some family over for brunch (we socially distanced) and we loved hanging!  One way to dress up for brunch for this time of the year is to pair a nice daytime dress with a nude pair of open-toe booties.  Nude is a great color for the daytime so, wearing nude booties with summer dresses is a great way to transition to the fall.

Fall dresses & booties

This may seem a bit obvious but pairing a fall dress with booties is the best way to transition into fall outfits!  Now, I don’t mean the heavy sweater dresses.  By fall dresses, I mean darker colored dresses that would go great with tights or leggings.  However, since it’s still the summer you can opt out of wearing the leggings/tights and wear it as a dress that you would in the summer.  Except you would add some booties to the darker colored fall dresses.  This way, you’re dressed up in fall colors but keeping yourself cool in the heat.  This is one of my favorite ways to transition to fall fashion.

There you have it, some tips on how to transition to fall with your summer wardrobe.  Were any of these tips helpful?  Let me know in the comments below!

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