My blog got a facelift!

Hello my KMD lovelies!

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on my blog for the past couple of weeks, then you may have realized that some things have been changing.  From a new logo to a re-vamped links page, I’ve been slowly making changes to my blog’s, layout, features and featured images.  I originally thought that this was going to be a very quick process but it’s taking me longer than expected.  Anyway, let’s get into the details behind the changes that I’ve made to this blog.

The Layout

I’ve loved my blog layout when I chose it last year.  In fact, I actually had so much difficulty choosing a new blog layout that I didn’t change it.  Yup, you read that right- the layout is actually the same as before!  Instead I went and changed the pictures & logos around the layout to give it a fresh look.  For example, one thing I changed about the format of this layout is that I added my Instagram feed on the bottom of my home page.  I didn’t have my IG feed on the bottom and always wanted that look.  Once I figured it out, I added it to the same layout as before but now the layout has a bit more pizzazz. 

The Color Scheme

The one thing that you learn when going to Blogger Workshops is to have a color scheme.  My original color scheme included magenta pink (as you can tell from a lot of the “before pictures”).  I actually wanted a blush pink but could never get the color right.  One day I just sat down and put together a new color scheme for my blog.  This new color scheme is what had me motivated to start to give my blog a facelift. 

Color Scheme Before
Color Scheme After

The Logo

Since I didn’t change my layout, the biggest change I could do to my blog was my logo.  I didn’t like my old logo to begin with, it just got the job done.  However, I wanted something different and with a bit more style and I tried to make a new logo by myself, but failed miserably (lol). I’m not a graphic designer so it came out looking just as simple as my old logo.  Then I thought to myself – that one of my good friends’, Leesha Patel of Leesha Patel Graphic Designs, is a graphic designer and I can ask her to make me a logo.  Leesha was kind enough to take out time from her busy life to make me a logo for my blog and I can’t thank her enough*.  It’s everything I ever wanted in a logo and she captured my vision so well. 

Pro tip:  If you have sweet talented friends, ask them for their help!  That’s what friends are for. 🙂

Old Logo
New Logo

The Side Bar

For the most part, my side bar looked good to me.  Since I didn’t change the layout of my blog, there wasn’t much I could do here.  So I went ahead and changed the “About Me” Widget on the side bar.  I added a new picture and re-wrote my “About Me” for that section.

Old Side Bar vs New Side Bar

About Me Page

In addition to the about me widget, there is also an About Me Page on this blog- to give more details and insights about me and my life for you guys- my readers!  I realized that my About Me page had an older picture on there, so I went ahead and updated the picture.  I also read through what I wrote and change some things around.  Nothing major but just made some tweaks. 

Old About me Page
New About Me Page

Blog Links Page

Saving the best for last (at least my favorite page on this blog)- my Blog Links Page.  This page is not visible on the blog but it’s what I use on Instagram to list all the links for my blog.  It makes it easier for those following me on Instagram to get all the links in one page. 

I used to have a different design for the links banner.  But since my logo changed and the color scheme of my blog changed, it only was right to change the links banners as well.  I originally used the same template but changed the colors of the links banner.  I liked the look of just changing the color scheme but it still wasn’t enough. One day, when I was playing around with making edits to the blog, I landed on the template for the current links banner.  It went so well with the vibe of the new logo and color scheme, that I had to change the blog links banner once again. 

Original Blog Links Page

Updated Blog Links Page

Current Blog Links Page

And there you go, a summary of all the changes that went into this Blog Face Lift.  Which one of these changes did you like the most?  Let me know in the comments below!

*Disclosure:  Leesha Patel Designs Logo was purchased by me.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the new look!! There’s so much behind the scenes of blogging! You do an amazing job!💕😊

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