One skirt, 3 ways: Fall Edition!

Hello my KMD lovelies!

Since living in the south, coming up with transitional fall outfits has bene quite a fun challenge for me.  The fall here is basically like an extension of summer, for me.  So I like to create outfits that help me navigate the weather here but still allow me to wear my fun fall outfits that I used to wear in NY.

Lately, short suede skirts have been a trend for the past couple of falls so I wanted to create a “3 styles, one item” kind of look with this skirt.  The suede skirt mentioned in this post is in collaboration with ShopBelleIsabella and was already featured in a couple of my previous blog posts.  However, a lot of my readers wanted to see different ways to style this look so here you go!

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Suede skirt with Over-the-knee boots

As you all know, over-the-knee (OTK) boots are my favorite type of shoes for the fall.  So, styling a suede skirt with over-the-knee boots was super easy for me.  I paired black OTK’s with a long white top.  I wanted to keep everything neutral so the main focus was on the outfit.

Suede skirt with a long cardigan

A stunning long cardigan is a great fall staple.  I like wearing it as a layer when it’s cold in the morning and night but then it’s hotter during the day.  This way I can take the cardigan off and start to feel cool again.  With this look, I paired a long black cardigan, a white top and black booties.  Just like the previous outfit choice, I wanted to keep everything neutral to keep the focus on the skirt.

Suede skirt with dark neutrals

As my previous two outfit choices, I loved keeping a neutral profile with my items so that I could give the skirt the main focus.  Thus, this outfit has the same effect, in the same way but with making an even bolder statement.  Having all black items in the rest of your outfit, like your skirt, tights and booties, really makes your skirt pop.  With this type of outfit, you can use any colored suede skirt, in order to make it the main focus of the outfit. 

There you have it, those are my favorite ways to style a suede skirt for the fall.  What is your favorite fall trend this year?

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