5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Hello my KMD lovelies!

If you’re anything like me, you wait till the last moment to decide what to wear for the Halloween party that you’ve been invited to since August.  Well, have no fear because Komal is here!  I put together five super easy last-minute costumes to help you out!  Hope some of these costumes gave you some inspiration.  


Last year, I got to do alien for the first time and it was really fun!  All you need for this one is a silver sparkly dress, some fun sparkly make up and a head band with two alien antenna’s.  The way I did this costume was with a fun and shiny velvet dress, since I didn’t have a silver sparkly one and I bought a headband from Amazon.  The fun thing about last minute costumes is that you can have fun and create what you can from you closet.

Disney princess: Disney bonding style

Disney princesses are an all-time favorite costume for a lot of people.  Except the costumes are SUPER expensive.  So, one of my lovely friends told me about Disney bonding – which is a fun way to create the Disney princess look with items in your own closet!  Super affordable and you can put this together on the day of your Halloween costume party.

Dressed up like Princess Belle
Dressing up like Princess Jasmine

Mean Girl’s:  The Burn Book

One of my top favorite movies of all times is Mean Girl’s.  The quotes have become so iconic over the years and its’ been so easy to create a look from this movie as a costume.  You can do anything from Regina George to Aaron Samuels.  My favorite is actually to be the physical “burn book”.  You just wear a hot pink dress with the words “burn book” on your dress.  Super easy and fun!

Richa of Iscriblr, Me as “The burn book” and Harsheen of ThroughMyLens_Sheen

Ms. Fiz’s Lizard: Liz

This was such a fun costume for me one year!  All you need for this is yellow cones, and a green top!  You can dress your green top with green bottoms or denim jeans like I did.  For my version of this costume, my lovely friend made me little ear’s that Liz has and I printed a picture to put on my green top. 

Where’s Waldo

This is such a fun and easy costume!  All you need is a red and white striped shirt, sweater or cardigan, black rimmed glasses and a red/white striped hat.  All these items are in your closet so super easy!  The way I have done this costume in the past is using a red and white striped cardigan with either a red or white tank top underneath.  Depending on the weather, I either pair it with shorts or leggings and a nice comfortable pair of black shoes (can be boots or flats).  Since I don’t have a red or white hat, I use a red/white stripped Christmas bow and pin it to my hair (hey, it works). 

“Mr. and Mrs. Waldo”
Respecting the hubbies’ privacy because he is not comfortable with showing his face on the blog.

There you have it, easy and fun last-minute Halloween costumes for you to pick from!  Which one of these last-minute costumes was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

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