7 South Asian Bloggers From Memphis to Follow

Hello my KMD lovelies!

In this upcoming Diwali Season, I wanted to give back to the community this year.  We have had such a weird/odd year so, giving back was the one way that made me feel good. One way of giving back was to represent South Asian Bloggers in Memphis on my blog.

For a long time, it was me and another fellow South Asian blogger in Memphis (Vidhi of coffeeVSchai). Well soon into my blogging journey, Vidhi had moved away from Memphis and it was me as the sole South Asian blogger in Memphis. About a year later, I found my good friend, Richa of iscriblr, on Instagram and our friendship has been unbreakable since then. Fast forward to a couple of months ago, I found quite a few local South Asian Bloggers.  I was so happy to find that there was a little community of us South Asians that I knew I wanted to showcase them in a way.  So here we are; hope you enjoy!

Asma of Spice Moghul

South Asian Roots:  Hyderabad, India

Been in Memphis:  Since 2004

Started Blogging:  August 2020 on Spice Moghul

Blog Niche:  Food Blog.  Being born and bought up in the Middle east, my passion to food started when I was 9. So, I had mastered Hyderabadi Biryani by the age of 12.

Fun/Random Fact(s):  I can read and write Hindi, Urdu, English, Arabic but food is my love language. ๐Ÿ™‚

Geetika Kaur of curated_forrainydays

South Asian Roots:  Punjab, India

Been in Memphis:  Since 1997

Started Blogging:  April 2020 on curated_forrainydays

Blog Niche:  Fashion, Books & Bollywood

Fun/Random Fact(s):  I have visited 18 countries.  I can speak four languages fluently.

Harsheen of throughmylens_sheen

South Asian Roots:  Punjab, India

Been in Memphis:  Since April 2012

Started Blogging:  July 2020 on throughmylens_sheen

Blog Niche:  Travel & Nature photography

Fun/Random Fact(s):  I am an Air Force pilots kid.  I like to paint, read any and every kind of book, and also write poetry.

Iffat Jarin of TheMagnoliaDays

South Asian Roots:  Bangladesh

Been in Memphis:  Since 2016

Started Blogging:  February 2019 on TheMagnoliaDays

Blog Niche:  Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion & Food

Fun/Random Fact(s):  I own a Fashion Boutique called BelleIsabella and can speak four languages.

Richa of iscriblr

South Asian Roots:  100% Indian.  My father was in the Army so, we had moved around a lot.  We’ve literally lived our lives out of a suitcase and call the entire country our home.

Been in Memphis:  Since September 2016

Started Blogging:  October 2017 on iscriblr

Blog Niche:  Mommy Blogger

Fun/Random Fact(s):  Horror Movies are BAE. Menacing ghouls, horrifying ghosts, blood-sucking vampires, creepy spirits, terrifying phantoms, petrifying manifestation anecdotes โ€“ I can watch them anytime, anywhere!

Rooshna of pratfancier

South Asian Roots:  Hyderabad, India

Been in Memphis:  Since 2017

Started Blogging:  July 2020 on pratfancier

Blog Niche:  Fashion & Food

Fun/Random Fact(s):  My husband thinks I’m weird for only being able to drink warm/hot water (like I actually cannot drink room temperature or cold water). I also weirdly love eating cold boiled eggs with jelly and desi achar for breakfast.

Sarah & Vaquas of TwoClovesInAPot

South Asian Roots:  Sarah is from Karachi, Pakistan and Vaquas is from New Delhi, India

Been in Memphis:  Since Mid-2018

Started Blogging:  November 2018 on TwoClovesInAPot

Blog Niche:  Food/Cooking

Fun/Random Fact(s):  We both love cooking authentic food.. As you can see from our website, our recipes are very traditional which were given to us by our families. We also have a beautiful daughter.

BONUS:  Komal of KomalMeansDelicate

Photo credits:  Kunjal Pathak Photography.  Follow him on InstagramFacebook or E-mail him at kunjalpathak@gmail.com

South Asian Roots:  Punjab, India

Been in Memphis:  Since July 2016

Started Blogging:  May 2018 on KomalMeansDelicate

Blog Niche:  Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel

Fun/Random Fact(s):  I can speak 4 languages fluently (English, Punjabi, Hindi & Spanish).  Iโ€™ve actually been in the U.S. since I was 2 years old.  I grew up in NY so I consider myself a โ€œhyphenated Americanโ€;  such as, Indian-American, South Asian-American, Punjabi-American, etc- the choices are endless (haha)!

And that is my compiled list of some of the South Asian Americans here in Memphis, TN!  I hope you enjoyed the bonus one too!  Happy Diwali to all those celebrating!

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