How to Incorporate Fall Lip Colors with your Outfits

Hello my KMD lovelies!

If you’re anything like me, then you’re afraid of the darker fall/winter lip colors such as dark purple or dark red.  In my honest opinion, I feel like the darker color just don’t look good on me and I didn’t know how to incorporate those fall lips colors with my outfits.  In fact, the dark purple color I never wore before until this post (oh that blogger life, lol!).  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the way I’ve mixed & matched the dark lips colors with my outfits and included some tips!

Deep Purple Lips

Truth be told, I was terrified of this lip color until recently, when I wore it for pictures for this blog post (the things you do as a blogger).  After I wore this color for the first time, I realized that I really like it and it looked good on me! 

The way I would incorporate this dark lip color into my fall outfit is to pair it with neutral tones.  I like to use neutral tones that would bring out the dark purple so cooler tones. In my outfit, I wore a tan sweater on top of a dark green cheetah print dress (the cooler tone) and nude open-toe booties.  The sweater helped take so much focus off the dress and more on the lips.

Classic Red Lips

We all love that amazing great holiday fire engine red lip color.  For the most part, it looks great on all skin tones.  Plus, it’s a holiday staple for your make up collection!

I like to incorporate the classic red lip the same way as I do with the dark purple lips.  I wear a neutral top with a neutral bottom.  However, I make sue the neutrals in this look are the opposite side of the color wheel.  In this look, I wore a royal blue dress with a black sweater, blue tassel earrings and black heels.  I believe the blue dress just adds a fun cool tone to the whole look.

Dark Brown lips

I wasn’t a fan of this 90’s lip color trend until I tried it for myself a few years ago.  I like to use “dark brown lips” as my “neutral/nude” lip color for the fall.  So basically, I wear it with any outfit unless it requires a dark lip color.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a cute star print sweater dress and simple blue stud earrings.  I also show another outfit where I’m out and about in a nice orange blouse with jeans and nude open toe booties.  This lip color can pretty much pair with anything since it’s a darker neutral.

Nude Pink Lips

I know what you’re thinking- nude pink lips for fall/winter?  Well, we all need a nude pink lip option in our make-up looks.  Even though the dark brown lips substitute as a good neutral lip color for the fall, there are some girls (or guys) who prefer a nude pink lip.  I would suggest going one or two shades darker for a “fall nude pink lip”.  I usually opt of a mauvy-pink in the colder months.  It’s a bit darker than my usual nude pink color but also gives it that fall/winter feel.

For this look, I used the same outfit that I wore in the “Classic Red Lips” look- the black sweater on top of the royal blue dress.  Since this is a neutral lip tone, you can pair it with any outfit.

I hope you enjoyed my list of fall lips colors and how to add them to your fall/winter style.  What’s your favorite lip color for the colder months?  Let me know in the comments below!

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