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With the holiday season creeping up on us, we’re not making our holiday lists for our friends and family.  I know lots of bloggers are posting gift guides, so I won’t be doing that since there’s already a lot out there.  However, I wanted to feature some amazing custom-made pieces by Raman of Kaurafty Kreations.  Read more about her and her beautiful work below!

About the Artist

Kaurafty Kreations is run by Raman Kaur who is based in Sacramento, CA.  Raman is an amazing sweetheart who I have had the pleasure to get to know over the last few weeks via Instagram DM’s and e-mails.  She used to work in corporate America but just like any modern woman, she’s currently giving her career a break to focus on her adorable daughter full time.  If you have the pleasure of viewing her Instagram, her little girl Illahi will appear on there from time to time.

As most people know, being a full-time mommy is a lot of work but despite her busy schedule, she will take the time to make sure each and every order is catered to the individual.  I really like her attention to detail and making sure that all the colors, words, etc., are exactly what you want for your piece.

The Artwork Pieces

All of Raman’s pieces are handmade by her.  It takes about 3-5 weeks from submitting an order to receiving an order, depending on the customization.  She creates tons of religious pieces for the Sikhism and Hindu faiths but can create religious pieces for other faiths as well.  She’s also created other pieces such as a Proposal memory, baby shadow box, etc (see some examples of her other work below).  She’ll customize the product you would like to your needs.

Collaboration Details

So a little background information:  I saw Raman’s Instagram pop-up on my explore page and immediately fell in love with her pieces. I always wanted to do a collaboration with a talented artist so I thought I would reach out to her.  Even if she didn’t agree, I was still going to buy one of her pieces since I loved her work so much.  Low and behold, she agreed to the collaboration!  It’s her first collaboration and my first collaboration that I pitched (and succeeded)- huge firsts for us both!

Regarding the artwork I liked, I wanted to order something that had meaning to it.  I also don’t have anything religious in my house so wanted to add that little bit of religious piece to my house without it looking too “old-school” like my parents’ house (lol).  As most of you know, I follow the Sikhism faith and Raman creates some amazing Sikh faith pieces especially for the modern Indian American families like ours. 

Story Behind my Customized Artwork

So, I choose the first prayer, called Japji Sahib, in the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Holi book).  Japji Sahib is known to be the scripture of Sikhs which was composed by the first Guru of the faith- Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  This first prayer is considered a summary of all the fundamentals of Sikhism and is more elaborated throughout the entirety of the Guru Granth Sahib.  Lastly, Japji Sahib starts off with the Mool Mantar which is then followed by 38 stanzas.  The Mool Mantar is considered as a daily and meditation routine prayer for all Sikhs.  Raman has many pieces on her Instagram, that featured with the Mool Mantar and I loved the creativity behind it.  I knew that this was the piece for me!  For those that are curious, I’m adding the Mool Mantar, loosely translated in English, for reference below:

Ik onkar

There is only one God

 Sat Nam

His name is true


He is the creator

Nirbhau Nirvair

He has no fear.  He has no hate


He is omnipresent

Ajuni Saibhang

Unborn and self-illuminating


By Guru’s grace, he is realized


Meditate on his name

Ad Sach

He has been true since time began

Jugad Sach

He has been true since ages

Hai Bhi Sach

He is still true

Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach

Guru Nanak says he will forever be true

Translation Source: Click here

Special Deal for KMD followers

As I mentioned above, Raman is a true sweetheart so with her kind heart, she is offering my lovely followers an amazing deal.  If you would like to order a piece from her and put in your order before December 31, 2020 then you can get free color customization, which is usually an extra charge.

That wraps up my post about the amazing piece from Kaurafty Kreations.  What do you think of the artwok I choose and the meaning behind it?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Congratulations on your first collaboration!! This is so exciting! The pieces are so beautiful!💕

    1. Thanks Amrit! 😊 I spent a lot fo time doing proper research and making sure everything was correct so I’m glad you liked it! Get one before Dec 31st so you can get the special!

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