Eat and Dress Your Way Into the Holidays

Hello my KMD lovelies!

It’s that time of the year where we got all the holiday parties, the food and the cute outfits!  I know the holidays might be a bit different this year but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up for your Zoom Holiday hang!  If you’re anything like me, you’re always stuck between what food item to bring (or eat during a zoom call) and what to wear to each holiday party.  Lucky for you, my friend Shannon & I put together a list of types of food and coordinating outfits for each type of holiday party/zoom party theme.

Before I get into outfits and the food items, I want to introduce my friend Shannon.  I met Shannon on Instagram when my Instagram was disabled.  She was super nice and so supportive in helping me rebuild my brand and with our short friendship, we thought to collab with each other.  Shannon main focus is food blogging with little sprinkles of relationship advice and lifestyle content.  So, we got super creative and combined food + fashion as part of our collab!  Enjoy our fun take on this holiday topic!

Cooking in our Pajamas

If you’re doing a cookie exchange, the best type of outfit to wear is- Christmas pajamas!  I mean, might as well be comfortable while you munch on all of those cookies, right?  The pajamas I choose were a cute pair from Old Navy.  They are not your traditional Christmas pajamas in the red and green colors or plaid print.  But I wanted to have some fun and different colored pajamas so hence the pink bottoms!  For a fun cookie recipe, check out Shannon’s post.

My “not-so Christmasy” christmas PJ’s & Holiday cookies
Shannon presenting her deliciously baked cookies in her Christmas PJ’s
Don’t those just look so yummy?

Dipping into Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Every time anyone in my friends’ group hosts a Holiday party, its’ usually “Ugly Christmas Sweater” themed.  In addition, I always love to bring some sort of homemade dip to these type of parties so the two go hand-and-hand for me.  Check out Shannon’s post on how to a fun holiday themed dip or this type of party.  For the outfit, I found the ugliest Christmas sweater I could find in a non-traditional Christmas color.  I don’t know what it is with me and non-traditional Christmas colors, but I love the look.  I paired it with a classic pair of jeans and red boots.

My fave “Ugly Christmas” Sweater paired with red boots
Shannon in her Ugly Christmas sweater presenting her Holiday Themed Dip & Crackers
How yummy is this Holiday dip & board look?

Being Fancy Calls for Meatballs

We all have that one fancy holiday party that we usually go to, don’t we?  For this party, you usually have a catered event (like a work party) or it’s a potluck with everyone’s fanciest type of food.  Usually, I like to bring a charcuterie board to this type of event or some meatballs & crackers.  Check out Shannon’s post on how to make some delicious meatballs with crackers.  You can wear your favorite holiday party dress or dressy blouse with nice pants.  I like to pair this green sequin blouse with my velour pants and favorite black booties. Also, cute puppy (& the matching puppy sweater) is optional. 🙂

Shannon is looking oh-so lovely in her beautiful red dress!
That is one mouth watering & fun Holiday themed Charcuterie board!

There you have it- three types of foods with different outfits for all your holiday party needs!  Which type of party have you gone to or will have a zoom theme this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I just love this post and to see cute pjs and outfits with scrumptious cookies and meatballs

  2. Aw I love this!! Baking cookies during the holidays is always so fun to do with my family!💕

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