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Hello everyone! First off, I am so excited and incredibly honored that Komal asked me to be a guest blogger this week! Not only is Christmas one of my favorite times of the year but I am also relatively new to blogging and so appreciate the opportunity to engage with all of you.  I hope all the readers are staying safe and healthy and wish you all a happy holiday season with your families and loved ones.

Christmas no doubt looks a little different for all of us this year. Many of us will be spending It with immediate family only or be limited to much smaller gatherings than we have had in the past. For myself and my family, we usually hop between parties and visiting with close friends on the 24th and 25th and we are limiting ourselves to only 2 get togethers this year – a dinner at my parents on Christmas Eve and a dinner at my house on Christmas Day. In years past, the holiday get togethers started as early as Dec 1st and there were always a few cocktail parties and soirees to look forward to.

Still, tis’ the season and even if on a smaller scale, celebrations are still in order. We can still gather with friends and family to be thankful for our health, our loved ones, and our jobs. Part of the charm of the holidays to me is the dressing up! I love Christmas colors and this is one time of the year I go all out on the fair isle sweaters, the tartans and plaids and embrace all the sparkly, sequin, shimmery dresses with glee! Be sure to check out my page on Instagram @cuarted_forrainydays to see how I spent the 12 Days of Christmas to spread some xmas cheer with my winter/holiday wardrobe.

Even given that my interactions might be more limited this year, I still plan on dressing up festive because it is an absolute mood post and just puts you in the right frame of mind to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. I have outlined below some ideas on how to put together some festive and holiday inspired outfits no matter what your style – if you like fair isle and tartans or not, if you’re a denim girl or are embracing the trend for the midi length that has been so prevalent in 2020! (apart from the WFH loungewear that has simply DOMINATED the year!)

Holiday Outfit #1: Bring on the FAIR ISLE!!!

To me nothing is more winter than chunky, comfy fair isle sweaters. While they can be especially fun around the holidays, certain patterns and combinations work equally well in January and February. My outfit below is from Dec 2018 when I was traveling to NYC and I wore it around town on New Year’s Day. I also wore it in 2019 at a Christmas party my parents hosted! I love the combination of festive colors and I think it was the perfect fit for an evening get together with close family friends – comfortable, warm and cheerful. It is also a good candidate for New Year’s Day to represent the hope and optimism of a brand-new year with its combination of bright upbeat colors.

Holiday Outfit #2: TARTAN it up!!!

If fair isle is winter, then tartan/buffalo check/plaid is surely synonymous with Christmas! Or not far behind anyway. 😉 The good news is that there is so much variety and creativity now with tartan/plaid patterns. They are versatile enough to be worn almost the entire month of December specially the tell-tale red plaid pattern I am wearing in my pants below which can also be paired with sequined black or silver camisoles for a New Year’s look or a more streamlined evening look.

For those whose taste in fashion runs a tad towards the bold, I am a fan of mixing patterns and the combination of red plaid pants layered with the white stewart tartan top can easily be worn for both a daytime and evening Christmas party look. I chose to pair the outfit with white flats but a pair of white or black heels would instantly dress it up for the evening.

Holiday Outfit #3: Where’s my shimmer?

In most years sequin dresses are almost de rigueur for the holiday season. This year however, given that many of the gatherings that I know of are much smaller in scale, I decided to go with the midi skirt trend that has been prevalent for the past few years. Metallics are a nice alternative to sequins this year if you are socializing on a much smaller scale or are partial to more intimate and informal gatherings. I love the silver/metallic midi skirt below with a rich wine and cobalt plaid shirt and silver heels. The rich plaid on the shirt is my nod to winter fashion and keeps the look informal yet dressy. You can always kick it up a notch by pairing with a red satin/silk blouse or shirt ((Christmas colors) or any other monochromatic color to accentuate the skirt better.

Holiday Outfit #4 and 5: Accessorize, Accessorize and Accessorize!!!

Again, 2020 is unique with the rise of the “WFH” fashion movement incorporating loungewear and workout/athletic wear for both men and women. The good news is that holiday or Christmas fashion does not have to be about metallics, sequins, tartans or plaids. You can dress up your everyday style with the subtlest and strategic touches – accessories! Namely earrings, shoes, clutches or even scarves!

Blue is a major fashion player this year! In fact the Pantone color of the year 2020 is a “classic blue”. To quote directly from their website: “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

I loved wearing my go-to evening jeans with a shimmery metallic mock neck sweater (another classic) and accessorizing with bold red earrings as the perfect finishing touch! This look can honestly work for any occasion (not just Christmas/New Years’) and is perfect for 2020’s more pared down fashion style.

This last picture will be one of my go-to looks as the temperature drops and I choose to be comfortable but stylish (or dressy). The faux leather tights are as comfortable as my Athleta yoga pants (I am an Athleta girl y’all!) and that oversized fleece pullover forgives all my second servings of dessert, mashed potatoes, 4 glasses of wine or 2 bread rolls ! haha. But the best part is the snowflake pattern on the hoodie itself paired with the red plaid bow heels that add the defining and glamorous holiday touch. The kitten heel is perfect for when you must stand and mingle over a long period. I see many affordable styles at Nordstrom Rack and DSW this year.

Holiday looks don’t have to be about bright reds or greens or even about sequins or sparkle for those whose personal style is more subtle or minimalistic. It can be about the right touch of festive color at the right place and you are instantly glam and ready to be merry!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these ideas for fun and festive holiday/Christmas looks as much as I enjoyed putting them together for you. Ultimately however, no matter what your style, the number one rule of fashion is to always be comfortable and true to yourself. If tartan is your thing, go own it girlfriend! But if you love a great pair of denims and want to sling a red holiday crossbody purse around you with your favorite heels, you do you! Happy Holidays to ALL!!

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