5 Tips for Starting a Blog

With the start of a new year, lots of people want to start a blog.  New year gives people new hope.  In fact, a couple of years ago, I was the same way.  So, I want to help those thinking of wanting to start a blog in this new year.  Hope you enjoy my 5 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers below!  

Tip #1:  Find the perfect platform

The platform that you use for your blog is super important.  It makes a big difference between layouts, themes, etc.  There are many blogging platforms out there such as Wix (great for starting out), WordPress (most popular), Blogger (easy use), SquareSpace (good for amazing templates), etc.  Each platform offers different things so do your research before you decide on what platform to use.

Tip #2:  Choose a name you can grow with

When you think of a blog name, some people think of specific items such as “Komal loves Pink” (or something similar).  While that’s a great name for a blog, I may not love the color pink later on.  So, you want to make sure you have a blog name that can grow and mature as you do.  For example, when I first wanted to start blogging, I wanted to primarily focus on travel, so my blog name was going to me “Komal Travels”.  However, I learned that I wanted to blog about a lot of other things as well so I came up with a name that would let me grow with it and not let me just stick to one type of content.

Tip #3:  Pick a niche

Picking a niche can be super hard.  Most people have a general idea of what they want to focus on such as fashion or mommy blogging, etc.  However, you should narrow it down even more so that you have a loyal base of readers that come to your blog for that type of content.  For example, my main focus of my blog is fashion and within fashion, I focus on “Budget friendly fashion” thus, that would be my nice.

Tip #4:  Make a brand logo

Making a logo can be super hard since there’s so many styles and colors out there.  To make this easier, come up with three main colors and two background colors.  For example, on my blog logo, I have peach, pink and mauve and my main colors with black and white being my background colors.  Also, I would suggest using Canva.com or WordPress’s Logo feature or get an amazing Graphic Designer friend, like I did, to help coming up with logo designs.

Tip #5:  Create accompanying social media

When I first started blogging, I only had my blog and no accompanying social media.  Meaning, there was no Instagram or Pinterest, etc where I promoted my blog.  After a while, I created an Instagram for my blog in order to hold myself accountable to make blog posts (which weren’t happening before).  Ever since I made my Instagram for my blog, I have been writing more blog posts.  In addition, having a couple of social media accounts for your blog also helps to cross promote and bring traffic to your blog via other platforms.

Those are my top blogging tips I have for those who want to start a blog in 2021.  I hope they were helpful to you.  Have you used any of those tips?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to learn more about the start of your blogging journey!

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