Assumptions about Bloggers ft. Rini of Rinisphere

A few weeks ago, on Instagram, I asked you guys “What are your assumptions about bloggers”.  A lot of you came up with some great assumptions so, my friend Rini and I thought we would do a collab and go through each assumption together.  I have put together a blog post summarizing what we discussed in a zoom call while Rini edited our zoom call for a YouTube video.  Hope you all enjoy this fun collab as much as we did!

Before we begin, I’m going to give a little background info on my amazing friend, Rini. She’s an LA-based content creator on Instagram and has recently started a Youtube channel.  She focuses on “Fashion with a Vision”, which her point of view of presenting and documenting fashion. Based on her social media accounts, you probably think she’s a full-time content creator however, that’s not the case.  She also works full time as a Data Engineer.  This girl is the true definition of beauty and brains! 

Rini and I have known each other through blogging for about 2-ish years.  I’m excited to finally get to work on a collaboration with her!  Thanks to social distancing, we were able to make our collab seem normal.  It’s crazy that a blogger in LA and a blogger in Tennessee are working together in their own separate homes- thanks to zoom.  The power of the internet is amazing!  Without further ado, enjoy the blog post!

The fabulous Rini of Rinisphere

Assumption #1:  Everything is gifted

You’ll take any brand deal regardless of the quality of product and promote them. Every Item is gifted or free stuff.

Komal:  I can see why most people think this.  Lots of bloggers do take any brand deal while others only work with brands they choose.

Rini:  For me, this has been a journey.  I used to accept all brand collaborations because I was excited to have brands work with me.  A lot of new bloggers do it for visibility.  I learned that I only want to promote what I use.  In fact, there are so many brands that I use but am not working with.  I’m also trying to promote small businesses especially due to Covid-19.

Komal:  I also just started to promote some of my friend’s boutiques/small businesses which I’m not working with.  They really did appreciate it.

Brand deal with Fun Sexy Hair (a brand I use in my normal hair routine)

Assumption #2:  Bloggers are more photogenic

Bloggers are more photogenic than the others. Your job is only about taking the pictures.

Rini:  This isn’t true for me because when I first started, I used to take 100 pictures just to get that one perfect shot. 

Komal: I agree and it’s more than just a picture.  There’s lighting, camera, backgrounds and many shots taken in order to get the one that you end up using.  Also, if it’s a brand deal then, is it a flat lay or you wear the product?  There are so many more components to it being ‘just a picture’.

Rini:  I agree and even for this video, we had to make sure we had good lighting.  Since we’re both in different time zones, we had to make sure we picked a good time where both of us had good lighting for the video.  Also, it’s not just about being photogenic.  There is a lot that goes on such as preparation, planning, etc.

Komal:  Also captions!  I could spend a whole day figuring out captions for my Instagram photos.

Rini:  There is so much time and research that goes into captions.

Komal:  I agree and also, time to come up with outfits/accessories, etc.  Especially for you Rini, who does fashion series.  There’s so much time that goes into that.  Probably about 3-4 hours easily.  So, it’s not just taking a picture or being photogenic.

Rini in purple for her Monochrome Series

Assumption #3:  Bloggers are Fake

The came off way nicer online than in person.  They are fake and they don’t realize how they make a lot of people insecure.

Komal:  I agree with the second half of this one.  Influencer culture has definitely changed the way people think about themselves- making them more insecure.  Regarding coming off way nicer online, etc, I disagree with that part of this assumption.  There will always be that one person in a group that’s hard to get along with but that’s the same in school and in a work environment as well.

Rini:  I agree with you as well.  For me, people might think I’m fake in person as well.  I kind of don’t agree with the first assumption, for myself.  I don’t think we all are fake.  Also, regarding the insecurity, it’s the reality of life.  In addition, this assumption could be from someone who’s had a bad experience with a blogger.

Komal:  That’s a great point.  It’s the same if you meet a celebrity as well.  They may seem nice but then you meet them and they’re rude.

Having fun and being myself in one of my recent blog shoots

Assumption #4:  Bloggers are born wealthy

Bloggers were all born wealthy so that you can afford to do blogging as a job.  They don’t have full-time jobs.  Bloggers don’t have a long-term plan in case a social media platform don’t exist in future.  They don’t work hard enough or ever had a corporate job.

Rini:  I can only speak for myself and I am not wealthy.  I have a full-time job and pay for everything for my blog from my own money.  I don’t make any money for my blog yet.  I don’t agree with this assumption.

Komal:  I agree with you.  We’re not all born wealthy.  Some of us are but most of us aren’t wealthy.  A lot of bloggers have full-time jobs and do blogging on the side, as a creative outlet.

Rini is sporting some amazing jewelry with her gorgeous outfit

Assumption #5:  Influencer Friendships

Some influencers don’t like each other but too afraid to admit it.

Komal:  I agree with this but only about 50% of an agreement.  With any community, such as work or school, you won’t get along with everyone however you try to be cordial and professional.  It’s the same case with influencers.

Rini:  I think it’s normal human behavior.  You won’t like everyone, and I don’t think everyone likes me either.  Regardless, you will still support a blogger even if you don’t like them.  It’s about the support in the end.

Komal:  Exactly!  I also think it comes with age and maturity in regard to not liking someone and letting them know about it.

Everything in this outfit is bought by my own money

Assumption #6:  On the phone 24/7

They live on their phones and neglect their loved ones at times.  They get tired of being online all the time.  They get easily overwhelmed and they don’t share that part of the process.  They have difficulty separating work life from real life because documenting their life is their job.

Rini: I agree with this since it is hard to separate our jobs and separate our blog/personal lives.  I’ve started to make time to create content now instead of creating it all the time.  I think this assumption is true, to a certain extent.

Komal:  I agree with this.  For me, personally, I keep a personal account for family and friends in order to separate the blog and my personal life.  I’ve had a personal Instagram for a really long time, and I made the “KomalMeansDelicate” Instagram just for blogging.  This helps me separate both parts of my life.  I also block out times to take photos for the blog/Instagram once a month – for a month’s worth of content.

Rini:  I recently started to batch content and love it.  I also started to post on my stories less in order to enjoy my life as well. 

Komal:  It’s a 50/50 assumption.  It’s true but not.  Some bloggers are online all the time and others aren’t online all the time.

Rini is enjoying a nice summer day for an Instagram challenge

That wraps up our conversation about assumptions that you all had about bloggers.  I hope this answered some of your assumptions and gave an inside look to the “blogger life”.  What is your favorite assumption that we discussed?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much love,

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