How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Bloggers

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll be excited to hear that this is my 100th post on the blog! I can’t believe I wrote 100 posts throughout the past couple of years. Thanks for the continuous support and I hope you enjoy my juicy topic for my 100th post.

As a blogger, you’re constantly trying to do your best within your niche.  Sometimes you notice other bloggers who are doing better than you are doing.  It’s hard to not fall into this hole but it happens to everyone- even I’m guilty of it.  So my dear blogger friend, Tabitha of Tabitha Faith, suggested I do a post on how to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers.  Enjoy my top five tips on how I try my best to not compare myself to other bloggers.

Tip #1:  Why did you start blogging?

One way to get over the hunch of comparing yourself to other bloggers it to go back to your roots.  Write down your top three reasons on why you started to blog,. Save those reasons in a document or notepad, and keep going back to it every time you start to compare. This is super helpful in centering yourself.  It helps you remember your purpose for blogging and then comparing yourself to others is a far thought.

Tip #2:  Appreciate your successes

Learn to appreciate the success you’ve achieved.  It’s easy to compare yourself to fellow bloggers with their likes, numbers of followers, engagement, etc.  Make a list of the top five successes that you made for you blog within the past 6 months, and applaud your success.  Every time you start to compare, make that same list again.  You’ll realize that you will want to focus on your blog and stop paying attention to others.

Tip #3:  Goals

If you’re like me, you set quarterly, monthly, weekly, goals for your blog.  These goals help me stay focused and shift my attention towards accomplishing said goals.  If you start to set goals for you blog, then you’ll be too focused on trying to make them happen. In result, you will not have the time to compare yourself to others.  Take five minutes right now and write down one goal, set a time limit (like a month or so) and start making it happen!

Tip #4:  Inspiration

Sometimes when I compare myself to others, I like to shift gears to find new ideas and inspirations for my blog posts.  I’ll look at Pinterest, my fellow blogger friends or Google inspirational topics to discuss.  It gives me a purpose to start to do some different things with my blog.  This process gets my creative juices flowing. In the end, I’m spending more time working on my blog rather than focusing on others’ blogs.

Tip #5:  Focus on Yourself

This one goes without saying and it’s what I’ve been trying to say throughout all my tips this post. Just focus on you, yourself and your blog!  The more time you spend comparing yourself to other bloggers, the less time and effort you will have for your own blog.  Instead, turn that time around to focus on your blog.  Whether that’s learning new photography tips, new writing techniques or new ways to edit your pictures, etc. There are a number of ways to make your blog better.  After all, you want to showcase the best of your abilities and talents that you put into your blog to others.  That can’t happen if you focus that energy towards comparing yourself to other bloggers.

Those are my top five tips on how to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers.  These are tried and tested tips by no other than yours truly and the work!  Which tips was one you haven’t heard of before?  Let me know in the comments below!

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