Blogging Tips: Types of Photoshoot Locations

If you’re a blogger then you already know how hard it is to find interesting and fun places to shoot your content. This got even harder when the pandemic hit since we had to find socially distant and safe places to shoot. So, I’ve compiled a list of (pandemic safe) photoshoot locations for a blogger. Keep in mind that these are mainly for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Location #1:  Colored walls

Everyone loves a fun wall to take a picture near especially since it’s become so famous on social media. These walls are also so great for fashion bloggers as it makes your outfits pop. If you scroll through my Instagram feed, then you know that I like to post a lot of my outfit posts near beautiful walls.

Location #2:  Garage Door

Not sure how famous this was pre-Covid, but I noticed a lot of more pictures by garage doors during the pandemic. I’ve also done a couple of pictures by a garage door. It’s not my usual aesthetic for me however, it’s still a good location especially for a fashion blogger.

Location #3:  Parks

Parks are a great location for outdoor photoshoots. They provide amazing scenery, and they are very socially distanced. Also, if you go super early in the morning on the weekend then you don’t see many people, so it makes it less awkward to shoot your content.

Location #4:  Sidewalk

If possible, I love using sidewalks for my photos. You don’t see it often since it’s harder to shoot at a sidewalk that’s empty (just my personal preference). However, if you find a cute shop, definitely try to take a picture by the sidewalk view.

Location #5:  Outdoor Shopping Centers

I love using Outdoor Shopping Centers (aka Shopping Plaza’s) as a photoshoot location. In fact, not only is it outdoors and socially distant but also, some have cute walls and spots for photos. Most of my recent pictures are near my favorite shopping center in Memphis.

Location #6:  Street side

Now you must be confused thinking, the sidewalk is by the street so why am I mentioning it twice? Well, these are two different locations. If you compare the picture below to the one in Location #4 then, you will see a difference. Some streets don’t even have sidewalks so it’s a completely different kind of vibe.

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Location #7:  Water Fountains

These are such a fun backdrop to have in your pictures. I love using water fountains in my pictures. I’m still trying to master how to get the perfect lighting, etc, when shooting near a water fountain but still love to shoot near them. They add such a subtle and fun element to your background.

Location #8:  Outdoor Signs

If you’re in a city with signs and fun outdoor monuments, then you should shoot by these places. They’re basically like a fun prop to use in your picture without having to carry a prop with you. These types of locations also work very well as being a part of your photo rather than a backdrop, which is the opposite of Location #7. Learn to incorporate these signs and monuments in your photos and they will change your content immediately.

Location #9:  Stairs

I don’t use this type of location often but when I do, I enjoy the vibe that it gives off. Stairs are a fun element to play within your pictures and they give such dimension to a photo. If you noticed, lots of travel bloggers love to use color stairs in their photos as it creates a different vision to their travel photos.

Location #10:  Seasonal and Holiday Spots

Seasonal and Holiday locations are every Blogger’s favorite type of place to do photoshoots. There is a reason why you see more content from a blogger’s from the holidays. Not only is it because Holiday content is important but it’s always fun to shoot! My favorite is fall locations such as pumpkin patches, etc.

I hope you enjoyed my list of my favorite 10 (pandemic safe) blogger photoshoot locations.  I tried to include examples of each location so that you can have a visual of each type of location. Which type of location is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Post idea:  Sanna of Bollyvoguestyle

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  1. One of my goals is to get in more photoshoots this year so this came at the perfect time!

  2. Love the different photoshoot location options! Looks like you have a lot of great spots in your city! Really love the fountain area, and the side of the road. So green and pretty!

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