One Kimono, 4 ways: Spring Edition!

I love wearing kimonos in the spring and summer months as a cardigan.  It’s lightweight yet keeps you warm and also fits well for the season.  I have a couple of kimonos, so I usually rotate between them during the warmer months.  Most of you have been loving how I style my kimonos.  So I thought, for this post, I would demonstrate how I style my favorite kimono in three different options.

Style #1:  Pairing it with a Denim Skirt

Denim skirts have been trending lately.  If you’re like me and are re-living your youth in denim skirts, then you are super excited for the return of this trend.  With this trend, the kimono fits perfectly as a nice pop of color.  I paired my black denim skirt with this blue kimono and black mules.

Style #2:  Pairing it with a Slip Dress

Just like denim skirts, slip dresses have also made a comeback.  I like slip dresses with another layer underneath like the one I’m wearing below from Shop Shelby Jewel.  It gives me more comfort in wearing a slip with layers underneath it.  With that in mind, adding my blue kimono to a neutral Slip Dress works perfectly as a pop of color.  Also, it’s about the same length so adds some more layers to the outfit.

Style #3:  Pairing it with a two-piece set

This two-piece set has been my favorite lately.  I’m not much of a crop top person but I have been loving this one.  Also, two-piece pant sets have been so on-trend lately.  So, I used my trusted blue kimono with this two-piece set and it worked great.  It works as such a great pop of color/pattern in neutral outfits.

Style #4:  Pairing it with a Summer Dress

I know I already mentioned a dress on this list.  But a Slip Dress and a flowy Summer Dress are two different things.  So, I wanted to make sure I clarified those two types of dresses.  A kimono works great on a bright-colored summer dress as well.  In fact, like the Slip Dress, the length of the kimono and summer dress works well and adds layers to the whole outfit.

Those are my favorite ways to style my kimonos.  Which one was your favorite, or do you wear it a different way?  Let me know in the comments below!

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