7 Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas

After a year of no traveling, for most people, things are looking up and people are starting to travel again.  My husband and I have booked our first beach trip since 2019 and I’m so excited.  After booking my beach trip, I thinking which beach vacation outfits I should pack for the trip – you know, the important things.  I couldn’t find much inspiration on the internet for what to pack for a beach vacation.  So, I thought that I would go ahead and contribute to the lack of information on beach vacation outfit ideas!


A fun outfit to wear on a beach vacation is a nice, light, and flowy jumpsuit.  I like to go for one that’s a little looser so that I can have my swimsuit on underneath. Since it is a beach vacation, I always want to be prepared for the beach!  Another plus to adding a jumpsuit to your bag is that this is also a great day-to-night transitional piece.

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The “night out” outfit

Due to Covid times, there might not be much clubbing or bar hopping going on however, you may want to dress up one night.  So be prepared and back that one sequin or an over-the-top dress.  It’s always fun to dress up and feel amazing in a cute outfit. See my options below!

Maxi Dress (Beach-to-Restaurant)

Maxi dresses are a great piece of clothing to bring to a beach vacation.  Some are flowy and some have slits but with all of them, they look amazing for those beach photos!  You can’t go wrong with bringing a maxi dress to a beach trip.  Pack multiples since they work so well at a beach.

Rompers (Beach-to-Restaurant)

Rompers are one of my favorite types of outfits to bring to a beach vacation.  They have multiple purposes such as becoming a beach cover-up, daytime outfit, or beach-to-dinner restaurant outfit.  Plus it’s a single item of clothing that makes you look put together and it’s fewer items to pack in your luggage! 


A beach vacation packing list can’t be complete without a good pair of shorts.  Shorts are so versatile that you can use them in multiple ways so, I like to bring all different types.  The three types of shorts I bring with me to beach vacation trips are a denim pair, a fun printed pair & one to use as a cover-up.  The denim pair can be used as a casual daytime pair.  The fun printed pair can be used as a day-to-night (or beach-to-restaurant) outfit.  All three types of shorts are super cute and useful for a beach trip.


Sundresses look super cute and put-together.  You can always throw on a sundress on top of a beach outfit, as a coverup.  This way, it works great for both an early morning breakfast get-together or a fancy lunch place.  You can also transition this dress from day to night by adding a different pair of shoes.  When using one dress in multiple ways, you’ll be packing fewer items.

Beach/Pool Clothing Essentials:  Coverups, Swimsuits, Hats & Sunglasses

Lastly, I didn’t want to forget our essentials!  No beach trip is incomplete without coverups, swimsuits, and sunglasses (as well as sunscreen)!  Make sure to pack these everyday beach essentials to make your trip worth it!

That’s all my suggestions for what to pack for a beach vacation!  What’s your favorite type of beach vacation outfit?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This is a very cute post – I love how you added photos of yourself, it really compliments the post with a personal touch!! Summer clothing is my fave :))

  2. These are some cool outfit ideas. I love maxi dresses for beach vacations

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