5 Ethnic Content Creators in Memphis, TN

Being a woman who’s grown up in New York with an Indian/Punjabi/Sikh heritage, I knew that I had a great diverse and ethnic background than others.  After I moved to Memphis, I realized that diversity was lacking in this city.  However, I had prepared myself for that culture shock, since I knew that no other city is as diverse as New York. 

Once I started my blogging journey, back in 2018, I found a whole new community of people – many with very diverse and ethnic backgrounds like myself.  So, to celebrated the official International Diversity Day today, I wanted to present some amazingly diverse and ethnic bloggers from Memphis to my readers.  I hope you enjoy and find some new bloggers to follow and learn more about.

Nancy Najera (AKA Barbie Najera) of b_naj

Started bloggingAugust 2019 on b_naj

Blog/content niche:  Beauty, lifestyle, and a little bit of fitness.

Ethnic background:  Hispanic/Latina

How Important is your ethnic background to you?:  Is simple who I am, what makes me. I love my culture and our traditions.

What’s one thing you love about your ethnic and diverse background?:  One thing I love about my ethnicity is the energy we carry, as a Mexican young woman, I love to enjoy life by parting with my loved ones and also enjoy our delicious authentic dishes.

Fun/Random Fact(s):  A random fact about me would be that I started dancing since I was 14 years old for a very loving group here in Memphis, TN called “Danza Azteca Quetzalcoatl” is a group of Aztec dancers. We like to educate and show our community some historical backgrounds and to remind those kids about our ancestors.

Edel Weiss Villadelgado of Threeller

Started bloggingAugust 2020 when I was in Japan, on Youtube

Blog/content nicheMy blog is about book reviews in 3 minutes and focusing mostly on the suspense/mystery/thriller/crime genre.

Ethnic background:  I am Asian

How Important is your ethnic background to you?:  My ethnicity plays a big role in my identity and way of living. There are many things that make me stand out because of the traditions and the culture that was stuck to me.

What’s one thing you love about your ethnic and diverse background?:  One thing I love about my diverse background is that I tend to understand what other people seem to do and why they do it. Another thing that played a big role as well was that, I went to an International School from grade school until high school which resulted to my diverse cultural knowledge plus. It is hard to denote just one thing about why I love my diverse background but it all boils down to: I learned and continuously honor different beliefs, traditions, and culture. 

Fun/Random Fact(s):  I am a sweet tooth.  I lived in different countries.  Aside from loving books, I love purses.  **I am actually excited about what Tennessee has to offer and see the beauty of it.**

Jeremie Serrano of LaComidaDeJeremie

Started blogging2017 on LaComidaDeJeremie

Blog/content niche:  Plant-based food & Art

Ethnic background:  Puerto Rican

How Important is your ethnic background to you?:  My Boricua background is something very important to me because of where we are as a country. I think it’s so important to celebrate who we are and ensure that our roots are always celebrated. Being Puerto Rican to me is honoring my ancestors by being my most authentic self while teaching others how to cook our cuisine and enjoy our diverse culture.

What’s one thing you love about your ethnic and diverse background?:  What I love most about my Puerto Rican background are our food and music. I don’t think you can separate the two because they truly go hand in hand. Whenever you eat a plate of Boricua food you can definitely taste the salsa & afro beats that were poured into every piece of that meal. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Fun/Random Fact(s): I was born in Puerto Rico but raised in New England.  I’m a Virgo. I’ve been cooking professionally for 4 years now.  I taught myself how to draw by watching Blues Clues at the age of 4 and it’s literally how I got my start in the arts

Taylor Shennett of TaylorShennett

Started bloggingJanuary 2020 on TaylorShennett

Blog/content niche:  Fashion, Lifestyle – Adoption, Beauty

Ethnic background:  Chinese but raised in a white family

How Important is your ethnic background to you?:  My ethnic background is very important to me because I wasn’t able to be involved with it growing up as a transracial adoptee. Now in my adult years, I am focusing on fully embracing my ethnic background and learning to be proud of it.

What’s one thing you love about your ethnic and diverse background?:   I love the food! I love that I’ve been able to try food from different provinces in China.

Fun/Random Fact(s):  I worked for Disney twice:  Once in my local Disney store and then for the Disney College Program as a Character attendant.

Photo credits to vpphotography03.

Yamile Iskeif of YamiIskeif

Started blogging2018 on YamiIskeif

Blog/content niche:  Fashion and lifestyle

Ethnic background:  I was born and raised in Venezuela, My Mother was born in Colombia and raised in Venezuela. And I inherited the Arab culture and Roots from my father.

How Important is your ethnic background to you?:  It is important to me because it is where my culture came from. but my ethnic background does not define who I am or my thinking/beliefs.

What’s one thing you love about your ethnic and diverse background?:  The food and music!

Fun/Random Fact(s):  I hate being tickled.

And that is my compiled list of some of the amazing diverse bloggers here in Memphis, TN!  I hope you enjoyed this different post from my usual fashion or travel content.  What did you think about this post?  Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. All of these bloggers sound SO interesting! It’s always nice to show diversity in different areas. Thank you for sharing and shedding light on International Diversity Day

    1. Thanks so much, Mehaa! And I completely agree with you in regards to learning about Diversity in different areas. Glad you liked this diversion from my usual fashion, travel and blogging tips posts.

  2. I appreciated this post. I liked that you were unique in the way you shared some details regarding others in the blogging community. Fun post. 😊

  3. So interesting! I love the ability to be able to connect with all the different cultures and ethnicities through blogs and the world wide web! It transcends state lines, country lines, borders and oceans! Will definitely check these bloggers out! Thanks! 🙂

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