Happy Three Years to the KMD Blog

I can’t believe I’ve completed another year of consistent blogging.  It’s been three years since the re-launch of my blog and it feels like I’m still a baby blogger.  I feel like I’m still learning the ways of blogging for myself and sharing my experiences with you all.  It boggles my mind that I have been blogging for three whole years.  Anyway, like my first and second year of blogging, I wanted to share three important tips that I learned from these three years of blogging.

Lesson #1:  Adapt

If we learned anything from the Year 2020 then it’s to adapt to our situations.  Working from home, virtual happy hours, drive-thru birthdays, etc – everyone learned how to adapt to protect each other from a deadly virus.  It’s the same in the blogging world.  In previous years, I would always do photoshoots with other fellow bloggers however, due to the pandemic, we could not do that anymore.  So I had to adapt and got my Instagram husband to take my blog pictures.  It was not an easy transition but worth it since he takes much better pictures than me.

Lesson #2:  Try new things

If you have been following me from the beginning of my blogging journey, then you must have noticed that my post formats have changed over the past couple of years.  The change has been a slow progress but when you compare the first blog post, you can see the difference.  Over time, I just wanted to change some minor things about the format of my blog so hence the changes.  I’m hoping you all like the small blog post changes!

Lesson #3:  Be Consistent

I can’t stress this enough!  Being consistent and showing up for your blog is important.  Think of it this way, you show up to work every day and you show up to the gym for x amount of days.  In the same way, you should show up for your blog.  For me, I like to do a blog post once a week.  That’s the schedule that has always worked with me and will continue to follow this schedule. 

I hope you enjoyed my top three lessons that I learned in my three years of blogging.  Which lesson can you relate to the most?

Much love,

10 thoughts on “Happy Three Years to the KMD Blog

  1. Great post. Congratulations. Keep going. Scheduled time for writing, reading other’s blogs, social media & commenting will help maintain success.

    1. Thanks so much for the tips, Natalie! I completely agree about scheduling time for writing. When I schedule my posts, it’s a lot easier for me to plan accordingly.

  2. Aww congrats – this is such an awesome milestone! I admire all the hard work you put into each post and add such a personal touch with the photos 🙂 adapting is a big lesson we all had to learn in 2020, here’s to the best moving forward!

    1. Thanks so much, Karen! I’ve been appreciating your support for the past couple of months so it means a lot. And yes, adapting has been a huge one for me – especially in 2020. Thank you!

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