5 Recommended Influencer Marketing Platforms

One of the many popular questions I get as a content creator is, “What Influencer Marketing Platforms do you use for your blog?”  There are tons and tons of Influencer Marketing websites on the internet.  Each blogger (influencer or content creator) that you talk to, will recommend their favorite Influencer Marketing website out of the bunch.  Thus, this post will go over my favorite Influencer marketing websites.  If I did not mention an Influencing Marketing website on my list, then it’s not because I did not like that website.  It’s more because I preferred the ones, I listed below more than the others. 

For those wondering about what I’m talking about then let me explain.  An Influencer Marketing Platform is a website designed for both the blogger and the brand.  Some of the platforms allow only the brand to contact the influencers, some allow the influencer to contact the brand, and some allow both.  It’s an easier way for both influencers and brand managers to connect on their next collaboration or campaign.  Without further ado, check out my recommendations below.

Influencer Marketing Platform #1:  Brandbacker

Brandbacker is one of the Influencer Marketing Platforms in which the blogger/influencer/content creator can apply to brand opportunities on their platform.  I’m a huge supporter of Brandbacker because they were one of the Influencer Marketing Platforms that provided me my first brand campaign.  I’ve worked with them on multiple brand campaigns since the start of my blog.

In recent years, I have applied to fewer brand campaigns on their platform.  However, I’m still thankful for them for allowing me to showcase my content and hard work and expand to other brands.  Brandbacker will always have a soft spot in my heart for that very reason.  For new bloggers, I highly recommend starting your media kit/brand portfolio with Brandbacker.

Influencer Marketing Platform #2:  Influenster

Influenster is a unique Influencer Marketing Platform in which it allows both the brand and influencer to choose each other.  It’s like an interview process on both ends, for each campaign.  When you sign up, you fill out a portfolio of your likes and dislikes with make-up, skincare, etc.  Once you’ve completed your initial questionnaires, Influenster will email you surveys, based on your likes/dislikes to see if you fit well for a brand’s campaign.

Once you’re accepted into a campaign, you have to complete certain tasks on their app (such as post a review on Influenster, post a picture on Instagram, etc).  If you don’t complete the tasks then you won’t be eligible for the next campaign. 

I love Influenster because I get to test out different make-up and skincare products based on my initial “about me” questionnaire.  Sometimes you get to test full-size products and other times its sample sizes. But either way, I’ve also grown my media kit/brand portfolio by working with many Influenster campaigns (more than I can remember). 

Influencer Marketing Platform #3:  LikeToKnow.It (aka Reward Style)

LikeToKnow.It is not an Influencer Marketing Platform but rather a social media shopping application.  Let me explain further, it’s an app where you can add your favorite fashion bloggers where they provide shoppable links to their outfits.  This way, you can shop straight through the app or their website and purchase that dress you’ve been eyeing on that favorite blogger of yours.

Each blogger on the platform makes a small percentage of the items that get bought off of the shoppable links from their posted outfits.  Even though this isn’t a direct Influencer Marketing Platform, it’s highly used by many brands and bloggers.  Some make a huge profit off of their shoppable links and have gotten brand deals through them.  So I thought I would give it a mention on my list.

Influencer Marketing Platform #4:  Octoly

Octoly is very similar to Brandbacker in that the influencer applies to brand campaigns through the website.  The one difference between them both is that Octoly has an Instagram follower limit for their users.  For example, they only used to accept influencers that had 8k followers on Instagram or more.  As of last year (or possibly earlier), they allowed users with 1k followers on Instagram or more.  Once I found that the follower limit decreased, I immediately applied and got accepted!

Since I’ve gotten accepted into Octoly, I have worked with many big-name brands.  I enjoy the products that they offer and like the ease of use of their website.  If you’re able to apply to Octoly, I highly recommend it!

Influencer Marketing Platform #5:   Activate by Bloglovin’

Last but not least, I’ve added Bloglovin’ to my list.  Bloglovin’ is best explained as a social media site for bloggers to keep up with other bloggers.  Think of it like, Facebook but only for bloggers to use and engage.  On a side note, most people don’t know this, but Bloglovin’ also has an Influencer Marketing Platform called Activate by Bloglovin’.  This is another Influencer Marketing platform that works similar to Octoly and Brandbacker, in which the influencer applies to platforms on the website. 

It’s a good Influencer Marketing Platform to be a part of because it has other kinds of brands on their platform, that Octoly and Brandbacker don’t have on theirs.  It allows the influencer to broaden their brand portfolio by working with the brands on Activate by Bloglovin’.

  I have not used this as much as the other Influencer Marketing Platform.  I get so busy with the others that I don’t have the time to apply to campaigns on Activate by Bloglovin’.  However, this platform has been highly recommended by the biggest bloggers.  So, I thought I would add it to my list as well.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms that I recommend for bloggers/influencers/content creators.  Is there an Influencer Marketing Platform that I missed on my list?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. All the influencers listed here sound interesting to me. I can’t wait to try some of these for my brand. Thanks for sharing.

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