What’s it Like Being Married Ft. Dish it Out Didi

Since I have been blogging, I have always wanted to work on a podcast as well.  However, my time is limited with a full-time job and my blog, so I knew that I could not add anything more to my plate.  Therefore, I thought I should try to be featured or be a guest on a podcast instead.  And there pops in the podcast Dish It Out Didi

The Instagram page for this podcast came in my Instagram Newsfeed one day and I was so intrigued.  Immediately, I went ahead to listen to the podcast and fell in love- especially with the host.  The show is fun, candid, and goes over many aspects of growing up as a South Asian in North America.

Furthermore, the host, Preet, is so entertaining which is what makes the podcast fun.  Preet was born and raised in Canada but is currently living and working in Birmingham, UK.  She loves listening to podcasts, dancing, and overall staying active.  She also enjoys having conversations about societal issues related to South Asian women and how we can continue to challenge archaic thought to make a better space for all of us to thrive.  In her words, Dish it Out Didi is a podcast for South Asian women to ‘dish’ out their stories.

I contacted Preet a few months ago, regarding being a part of her podcast and she instantly agreed to collab!  We brainstormed and decided to discuss the topic of, What’s It Like Being Married.  Read my podcast summary below and don’t forget to check out the podcast, available on most streaming services.

The amazing Preet of the Dish It Out Didi Podcast

What has been your experience with non-arranged vs. arranged

In South Asian Cultures, having an arranged marriage is usually the norm.  However, in modern times, we have come to accept “non-arranged” marriages aka “love marriages.  Preet and I discuss our experiences with both types of marriages within society and our families.

Attending a non-arranged/love marraiage

Married Life vs. Single Life

There is quite a difference between married life and single life, whether we want to admit it or not.  Preet and I discuss things such as the differences we both feel with our single friends vs our married friends, the responsibilities that I have as a married woman that I didn’t have before, etc.  Preet goes over her experiences, as a single woman, with these issues and I discuss my issues, as a married woman, with these issues.

Enjoying my life as a married lady.

Would you have liked to live by yourself before getting married?

In South Asian cultures, living by yourself before you get married is a huge taboo.  However, as with arranged vs. non-arranged marriages, things are changing and families are becoming more acceptable with this concept.  Preet and I also go over the things we both learned and the pros/cons of living by yourself before you get married.  In addition, we also discuss whether or not we feel as if living on your own should be something you do, before you get married.

Enjoying Diwali with my married friends: Harsheen of ThroughMyLens_Sheen and Richa of iScriblr

Things you wish you knew before you got married, and things you learned when married

For us married folks, there are many things that we all wish we knew before we got married.  Moreover, we also learn many things once we get married.  Especially, as a South Asian, marriage is held in such high regard so there are many responsibilities you learn when you do get married.  Most of the discussion for this topic is done by me and my experiences with these things.

Diwali with the hubbie.

Pressures of getting married and Pressures as a married person

As many South Asians (and non-South Asians) are aware, there is this huge pressure to get married by a certain age – especially once you are above the age of 18 (don’t even get me started).  In addition, there are many pressures once you get married such as having kids, buying a house, etc.  Preet and I discuss the differences between both types of pressures, and how we have been navigating our lives accordingly.

Enjoying Vaisakhi as a married lady.

Overall, if you’re not married then that’s okay!  You do what you need to for yourself and your happiness.  It’s hard to have that mindset when you come from a South Asian background but you have to remember to do what is best for you. 

I hope you enjoyed my first ever Podcast/guest star on a Podcast!  Did you listen to the episode?  What are your thoughts on marriage?  Let me know in the comments below!

Much Love,

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful conversation. I’ll definitely listen in. Thank you for introducing this podcast!

  2. I would have loved to live on my own before getting married! I didn’t have that opportunity because I went straight into grad school after undergrad and then met my husband in school and we got married right after graduation!

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