What I Learned in 5 Years of Marriage

If you have been following me on Instagram lately, then you know that I have been posting a lot from my trip to St. Lucia with my husband.  The trip to St. Lucia was a special one for us because it was our 5th wedding anniversary trip.  I can’t believe that we have been married for five years!  It feels like just yesterday that we met and now, here we are.  Since we hit our 5-year mark, many of our friends have been asking us, “What have you learned in your 5 years of marriage?  Do you have any marriage advice for newlyweds?”

These two questions have been popping up a lot lately, for both my husband and me.  So, I thought we could both sum it up in a blog post and give our valuable knowledge to the world.  We’re hoping some of these tips are helpful to those who have been in long-term relationships and want to continue to make their partner happy.  I’ve broken down the blog post to list marriage tips from both me and my husband.  Check out our tips below.

Komal’s Tip:  Communication

It sounds a bit cliché, but communication is super important.  Make sure to tell your partner how you feel about certain things and certain situations.  Don’t wait for the moment to be over to discuss the issue.  While it’s never too late, you want to make sure that your partner knows how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel in certain situations.  In addition, there is no such thing as over-communicating with your partner.  It’s okay to let them know how you feel repeatedly if you are comfortable or not.  In the end, you both want to make sure that you are in a good mental and emotional state. 

Example of communication: Telling my husband how to pose for the picture.

Rami’s Tip:  Love Language 

For most couples, each individual in the couple has a different kind of love language.  It is usually very rare (although not uncommon) to have the same love languages.  The famous quote “opposites attract” does come into play here more than you know.  Usually, two different types of love languages attract each other.

In that case, make sure to learn your partner’s love language.  Then, make sure to show them how much you love and care for them in their love language.  You want to make sure that you show your partner how much you care for them in their love language- not yours or else, they might not understand.   If you don’t know each other’s love languages, then there are a multitude of quizzes on the internet that can help you.  Make sure you both take the same quiz so that you are basing the results on the same criteria. 

Both of our love language is cuddling with furry babies!

Komal’s Tip:  King-Sized Bed

If you haven’t done so already, then get a king-sized bed.  You will appreciate the extra space you have on the bed, and you are not in each other’s space.  In addition, the king-sized bed is not for you and your spouse but also your future family.  After most people get married, their family grows with pets and kids.  Most pets and kids do enjoy sleeping on the bed with their parents.  So, you want to ensure that your bed has “room to grow” and allow future family members.

For those in smaller living spaces that can’t fit a king-sized bed in their bedroom, I would suggest getting the biggest possible bed you can fit in that room.  So, if that’s as queen or in-between a queen/king then you should opt for that option.

My hubbie enjoying his new cologne next to our King-Sized bed.

Rami’s Tip:  Be Engaged 

No this is not referring to being engaged as in getting a ring- that part has already been done!  Being engaged is to never stop learning.  Continue to learn your spouse as they grow and change throughout their life.  As most people say, “You’re not the same person I met”- that’s okay!  We’re supposed to grow and evolve as humans, it’s a healthy way of living.  So, make sure to learn your partner’s growth and communicate with them if you notice a new personality trait. 

My hubbie being engaged in my Blog, as my photographer.

Komal & Rami’s Tip:  Dating

Most married couples get into the habit of hanging around at home to doing simple things together like a movie night.   Then they get bored of doing the same mundane activities together.  Make sure to continue to have your date nights once you’re married.  Schedule the date night on your calendars if you must.  But make sure to still take the time to get ready and have that nice dinner, as often as you can. 

If you’re a married couple with kids, then try to go on date nights with your spouse, as much as you can.  Again, if you must schedule it then go ahead.  Carving out that time for your loved one will help you both in the long run. 

Ready for date night in St. Lucia!

I hope you enjoyed our tips for what we learned in our 5 years of marriage.  Is there a tip that you recommend?  Letme know in the comments below!

Much love,


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  1. Great tips Komal, and Wishing you a both happy anniversary…all you have to do is understand your partners emotion no matter what situation is

  2. These tips are so so important for a good relationship. One tip I’ve learned through my marriage is show interest in your partners’ interests and keep an open mind. It really gives a chance for the relationship to grow.

  3. I love this post! Learning each others love languages was a huge turning point for us!

    1. Thanks Angeli! And omg, I can relate! Like I always tried to make my hubbie “feel better’ with my love language but then realized, he needed his level of comfort.

  4. This is so helpful! I love that the #1 tip is communication. I cant agree more! It is the core of a relationship.

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